How Kevin Miller and GR0 Will Help Your Brand Reputation On Google

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How and Why Google Is the Gatekeeper to Online Success

Kevin Miller, Co-Founder and CEO of GR0

On top of keeping a lively presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others, it’s crucial to build a presence for your company on workplace-focused platforms as well.

Spreading awareness has always been a business’ toughest struggle, and the reason for this has changed over time. In the past it was simply a challenge to reach people, as brands had to find ways to utilize channels like print and radio while the technology was developed, and often would find themselves smuggling aboard some other program in the form of an advertisement. Now though, anyone has the power to reach everyone with the internet, and the struggle takes on a whole new meaning: How do you get anyone to notice you in a now-crowded room?

For some the answer is as simple as to shout, pumping huge amounts of money and effort into your ad spend with the simple goal of speaking louder than everyone else. This can work for global names in evergreen categories like food, but for most, you need a smarter, more tactical approach. Brands are working more than ever to own the audiences they have by getting direct lines to them and getting them to visit their own spaces like a website or social page. With direct-access to customers brands can utilize the internet to build more direct relationships with users, but it takes a lot of effort to get to that point. Luckily though, there are obvious places to start building your name, and none is more apparent than Google. Search engines are the backbone of the internet, guiding users to the resources they’re looking for and providing answers to whatever questions they might have. If you want to be seen, then you’ll need to be recognized by Google, as it makes up for over 92% of search engine usage worldwide. And when it comes to Google experts, Kevin Miller and GR0 are well-studied in the field, driving search engine results for dozens of clients in several industries. Miller is here to help, and has advice to offer for those who want to start building brand recognition within Google and getting better search placement.

Firstly, you need to develop a presence on the platforms that Google recognizes and features content from, as it will always pull these results. On top of keeping a lively presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others, it’s crucial to build a presence for your company on workplace-focused platforms as well. These include LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Built in X, and, where you can build landing pages to describe your company more in-depth and provide Google with beneficial information such as your size, location, and specialties. Glassdoor specifically can give you valuable ratings, and your LinkedIn follows gives the algorithm a good metric to understand how in-demand you are. You can also affect Google directly, by listing your business on it and supplying the search engine with information such as your street address, hours, phone number, or even a direct link to a restaurant menu. Google is designed to surface reliable, trustworthy information and serve it to users as efficiently as possible, so offering them links to known platforms and direct information gives them exactly what they want.

However, your brand can’t simply post information onto pages once and forget about them forever. Google is always checking for the most updated, relevant information it can find, so regularly refreshing and updating your online presence is paramount, and you need to adopt an ‘always on’ mentality. Developing a social presence and consistently putting out content is a crucial part of this strategy, and you can even keep Google abreast of smaller developments like if your office is closed on a specific holiday. These micro-updates are still important verifications for the algorithm that its information is up-to-date, and it’s not going to search deeper for something more recent.

Crucially though, the importance of doing this is not just in spreading awareness, but optimizing your search engine results can also help you to own the narrative of your own business. Any developing brand has to have a laser focus on its desired image, and allowing confusing search results to surface will only slow you down. Google searchers hardly scroll beyond the first few results, and so by owning the top listings you are the most likely to gain traction, while also developing a concrete image for your brand. In working to fill out your link portfolio you help weed out similarly named brands or outdated information, allowing your new image to shine front and center.

Miller understands that in the modern era information is always moving and evolving, and brands have to constantly be on the ball to shift and maintain their relevance. That’s why Miller developed GR0, a digital marketing agency with a search engine focus that works to bolster brands’ ratings on Google and get them more eyes without breaking the bank. With both diligence and persistence, Miller’s team keeps content fresh, information relevant, and your image clear. Information is a powerful tool in the modern age, and understanding how to wield it is the key to success.

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