How To Find Inmates: Search Jail and Prison Records By Name and ID Number

Share Article is excited to announce its has released its jail inmate and prison database. The database covers everything from state prisons to local county jails.

For anyone looking to locate an inmate, the most essential piece of information to know is exactly what facility the inmate is in. There are 1,833 state prisons, 3134 local jails, and 110 federal prisons in the USA. Knowing where to start your inmate search online will save a lot of time and headaches. Each of these correctional systems has its own inmate database, and figuring out exactly which one a particular person is in or finding old inmate records can get complicated without the right tools. Visit to discover all the inmate locator tools available to the public.

Prison Inmate Search

Any inmate who gets sent to prison is typically serving a sentence of over 12 months. Inmates incarcerated in prison have already gone through the court process and are officially convicted of a crime. In most cases, these are felony-level offenses. Around 1500 inmates get transferred every week for many reasons like overcrowding or security reasons. So it can be challenging to locate inmates who have been serving a while. But for the most part, each state offers its own Department of Corrections inmate locator.

Jail Inmate Search

Jail Inmates are located in local holding facilities, and the sheriff's department usually operates these facilities. For the most part, jails are used as short-term holding facilities. Inmates located in jails have either been convicted and are serving a sentence under 12 months or are going through the court process and haven't been convicted yet. Another set of inmates housed in jail are people who have been arrested but will typically be released the same day or the next day after going through the booking process.

Most counties will have a current inmate database online. If there are no online inmate search options, a call to the local jail should be made. To find jail inmate databases visit

Inmate Background Check and Inmate Court Information.

State prison and jail databases won't be very helpful to discover more detailed background checks or inmate court information. Different databases need to be used for those needing to take a closer look into an inmate's background. Many public records resources are available at the national, state, and county levels for more detailed information. For anyone who needs to learn more information regarding and incarcerated inmates, try Search billions of public records with the instant search option by name. The background report reveals arrest, criminal, court, bankruptcies records, addresses, phone numbers, and more.

Is There A Free Nationwide Inmate Search?

Because prison and jail databases are separate from one another, the only way to do a nationwide inmate search online is to use a service. The only way to do a free inmate search is to do an individual database lookup maintained by the department of corrections, federal prisons, and local jails.

Helpful Terms For Inmate Lookup.

Inmates ID Number / Doc Number

The inmate ID number is comparable to the individual's social security number. It's the number the Department of Corrections or Federal Bureau of Prisons utilizes to distinguish an inmate within their documents, used for all prison procedures that the inmate is engaged in.

Inmate Charges

A criminal charge is an allegation of a criminal offense per probable cause. A conviction happens in the future when possibly the accused pleads guilty for the charges, or perhaps a judge or jury finds beyond a reasonable doubt the defendant perpetrated the charged criminal offense.

Inmates Release Date

An inmate's release date is available to the general public and is acquired with a telephone call or online search. Regardless of whether you are a member of the family or a victim of a crime perpetrated by the inmate, knowing when the inmate will be released is important.

Inmates Court Date and Time

A person can discover details on an inmate's court date on the webpage of the court that's hearing the case. The person could also call, email, or go to the court to determine the inmate's court date.

Inmate Booking Number

Whenever an individual is taken to a jail, that individual is provided an inmate booking number. The inmate booking number is actually a method to record the individual's specifics and functions as a solution to identify the inmate.

Inmate Mugshots

Mugshots are photos police take right after booking and arrest. After arrest, a person is booked, fingerprinted, and photographed for recognition intentions. You may see mugshots online by examining one of many web pages.

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