How To Get A Good Driver Discount And Save Money On Car Insurance

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“Saving money on car insurance is more important now than ever. One good method to do that is by getting a good driver discount that is offered for safe, low-risk drivers.”, said Russell Rabichev, Marketing Director of Internet Marketing Company. has launched a new blog post that presents all the information drivers need to know about the good driver discount.

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A good driver discount is a discount given by car insurance providers to safe, low-risk drivers. Every insurer has its own rules for determining who is and who is not a good driver. Some insurance providers require drivers to have a clean driving record for just one year, while other insurers will offer this discount for drivers who have at least five years of clean driving.

The best way for drivers to get this discount is to shop around with insurers from their areas. Even if they don’t qualify at one insurer, drivers might be eligible for a good driver discount at another provider. Some companies will ignore a speeding ticket, or even one at-fault accident, while others will not ignore any of these. Drivers should contact their car insurance companies and check if they are eligible for a good driver discount.

Regarding good driver discount, drivers should know more about the following:

  • How to qualify for a good driver discount. Depending on the insurer, obtaining this discount can be easy or hard. To have better chances of getting the discount, drivers can take a defensive driving course to show their insurers they've learned how to be better, safer drivers. Drivers can also purchase forgiveness coverage from their insurers and have one-at fault accident forgiven from their records. Shopping around at different insurers is also a good idea. Drivers should avoid reckless driving and follow the speed limits and signs and avoid getting a ticket. In fact, drivers should drive defensively and leave plenty of room between themselves and other drivers.
  • How drivers can lose their good driver discount. Good driver discounts aren't permanent. With one mistake, drivers can lose their good driver discount. Insurance providers have different rules regarding the loss of good driver discounts. Usually, drivers can lose this discount for reasons such as getting traffic or moving violation tickets, being at-fault in an accident, making a claim under the collision coverage or even getting just one point on their license.
  • Some states require insurance providers to offer good driver discounts. In California, for example, insurers are required to offer a 20% discount to good drivers who had a license for the past three years, had not lost more than one point on their driving record due to a violation, had not taken traffic school or a defensive driving course more than once because of a violation, had not been at-fault in an accident that resulted in injury or death within the last five years, and had no convictions within the last ten years for DUI-related offenses.
  • How long do drivers need to wait to qualify for the good driver discount. Although speeding tickets and at-fault accidents remain permanently on the driving record, most states only allow providers to view incidents dating back three to five years. However, some states have exceptions for DUI-related offenses. Drivers who were convicted of a DUI offense in the past ten years in California are not allowed to get this discount.
  • Compare insurance quotes to find good driver discounts. Drivers who do not qualify for a safe driving discount with their current insurer should compare quotes from other insurance companies. Some car insurance companies have looser rules regarding safe driving discounts.

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