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“Online car insurance quotes can help any diver find a better insurance deal without wasting precious time”, said Russell Rabichev, Marketing Director of Internet Marketing Company. has launched a new blog post that presents several tips that will help drivers get cheaper car insurance.

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Drivers will need to shop for better car insurance deals in certain situations. In the past, drivers could have obtained car insurance quotes by either going to an insurance agency physical location or by calling one of their agents. Nowadays, car insurance quotes can be obtained easier with the help of the internet.

Drivers that want to obtain the best car insurance deal possible should consider the following:

  • Use a brokerage website. Brokerage websites are the ideal choice for persons that can’t afford to spend time looking for car insurance quotes. Drivers can immediately compare online quotes if they have an internet connection and a device like a smartphone or pc that will help them browse on the internet.
  • Obtain multiple quotes in a single place. Another advantage offered by brokerage websites is their ability to display multiple estimates from different car insurance providers. Many brokerage websites partner with various car insurance companies, from big and famous brands to newly established regional or local insurers. By doing this, brokerage websites will make sure their visitors will obtain the best car insurance deal possible.
  • Online quotes are very accurate. For that, drivers will have to complete the online forms with accurate info and be honest with their driving incidents. Failing to do these things will lead to inaccurate estimates and significant price differences between the estimates and the final insurance price.
  • Online quotes are free. Brokerage websites will provide its visitors with free quotes. No matter where they live, or when they are using a brokerage website, drivers will always obtain free car insurance quotes.
  • Check the discounts. Many types of discounts can be promoted by online questionnaires. One of the most common promoted discounts is the bundling discount offered to those that choose to combine their car insurance policy together with the homeowner's insurance. This discount alone can save the policyholder as much as 20% of the total price of the combined insurance policy. Other promoted discounts include safety devices discount, good driver discount, usage-based insurance discount, and so on.

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