How To Obtain The Most Affordable Auto Insurance Policy

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“Getting an affordable insurance plan might be hard, but it’s not impossible. Shopping around can help drivers negotiate better rates”, said Russell Rabichev, Marketing Director of Internet Marketing Company.

One of the most important and expensive parts of owning a car is car insurance. Finding a good insurance plan that covers all the needs, and at an affordable price, can be quite challenging for most drivers.

Drivers who are not content to pay for expensive premiums should follow the next tips to get more affordable insurance plans:

  • Shop the market for better policies. Shopping around has several advantages. First, drivers can check the prices of policies sold in their areas and they can compare different plans from different insurers to get a sense of insurance costs. Secondly, drivers can discover local, small insurers that offer the same services as big insurance companies, but for lower premiums. Drivers are advised to shop around after they move to a new place. Auto insurance rates can be quite different from one place to another. Also, drivers should check how their premiums will change after a major life event such as getting married, graduating college, getting a new, safer vehicle, or adding a teenage driver to the family’s policy.
  • Check the discounts. When signing for a new insurance plan, drivers should always ask their agents about discounts. To keep a customer loyal to the company, insurance agents can help them find even the most obscure discounts and deals that are available. Discounts such as good grades, safe driver, or good credit score can have a significant impact on the premium bill.
  • Bundle multiple policies. Another great method to save money on car insurance is to bundle different policies. Drivers can bundle their car insurance policy with other policies such as renter’s insurance, homeowner’s insurance, life insurance, or health insurance. Also, if there is more than one vehicle in the household, drivers can get a multi-car insurance bundle discount.
  • Purchase low-risk vehicles. Drivers who need to keep their premiums bill low should look for a standard commuter sedan with some extra safety features built-in. Sports cars, trucks, or SUV’s are more expensive to insure than sedans and should be avoided. Consumers are advised to contact their insurers before buying a new vehicle and check which car is considered the safest and cheapest to insure.
  • Consider removing some coverage. One common mistake made by people when it comes to insurance is to keep comprehensive coverage on cars that don’t need it. Drivers should consider removing comprehensive coverage on old vehicles that have a low value.
  • Get a pay-per-mile insurance plan. Drivers who drive 10,000 miles or less in a year should consider this option. These plans have lower premiums because there isn’t as much risk in a driver who spends so little time on the road. All major providers have low-mileage plans, but drivers should check if local providers are also offering this option.
  • Install a tracking or a telematics device. Some insurers offer plans where the drivers have to install a telematics device in their vehicles or a tracking app on their phones. By doing so, drivers can prove to their insurers that they have safe driving habits in order to get significant discounts.

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