How to Recognize and Avoid Car Insurance Scams After Hurricane Dorian

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“After a hurricane, many shady individuals will appear promising a quick fix to your damaged vehicle. Before working with anyone, you should carefully check if these persons can be trusted”, said Russell Rabichev, Marketing Director of Internet Marketing Company. has launched a new blog post that explains how policyholders can recognize car insurance scams after Hurricane Dorian.

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After a hurricane, there are many dishonest individuals who take advantage of the situation to exploit the insurance companies and policyholders. These fraudsters, also known as "Storm Chasers", will try to sell flood-damaged cars, or phony repair deals, while demanding an upfront payment. Many victims fall for this trap because the scammers offer low prices deals. In most cases, fraudsters will leave the town once they considered they scammed enough victims.

To avoid scams after a hurricane, drivers should follow the next tips:

  • Be careful with unsolicited inspections or vehicle repair offers. Policyholders are advised to avoid working with persons that were not hired or contracted to do a mechanical inspection or damage assessment. Individuals who are trying to sell a quick fix are likely to be fraudsters.
  • Do not make large upfront payments. If a contractor asks for a down payment that is more than 25% of the total cost., then drivers are advised to refuse it. Good contractors don’t take more than 10%, 25% of the total cost as a down payment.
  • Verify the contractor before the work begins. Before starting the work, policyholders should analyze some important details about the individuals they are about to hire for repairs. Drivers should check if they have offices, websites and they should look for reviews from previous customers. If the policyholders can't find any info about these persons and the individuals refuse to provide any information as well, then the policyholders should refuse to work with them.
  • Check materials. Drivers should ensure that the contractor uses quality parts and not some shady aftermarket parts. Before hiring a contractor, drivers should inspect what kind of parts are going to be used.
  • Obtain a signed contract. Drivers should get a signed contract and keep it in a safe place. If it’s possible, drivers should get a contract that contains prices per labor and materials, repair procedures, and estimated start and finish dates.

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