How to Stay Safe While Decorating and Lighting a Home for the Holidays

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As the holiday season approaches, Christmas Decor provides helpful tips to prevent any unwanted accidents before the celebrations begin.

‘Tis the season to show holiday spirit with Christmas lights and holiday decorations. Before stringing up the lights, however, Christmas Decor —- a holiday decoration services franchise —- wants to help homeowners deck the halls as safely as possible.

In 2015, the Consumer Product Safety Commission reported six fatalities and an estimated 14,000 injuries treated in hospital ERs nationwide due to holiday decorations. Though falling from a ladder or getting zapped by a christmas bulb might be funny when it happens to Clark Griswald in the movies, these real-life scenarios can put a damper on the holiday cheer. That’s why it is so important to take the right precautions before creating a Christmas display. Here are a few safety protocols to follow this holiday season:

Use Precaution on a Ladder or Roof

If planning on hanging Christmas lights on the home’s exterior, be sure the ladder is in working order and is the correct height for use outside of the home. Be sure not to stretch while on the ladder, for it may lead to instability or imbalance. It is also important to check the security of the roof and ensure everything is in a stable, secure shape before climbing on top. Wearing a safety harness is also critical to keeping safe while creating a display. Should anything happen while hanging lights, the harness will want to ensure the decorator is protected from a fall.

“It’s best not to push your boundaries when it comes to ladder use,” said Brandon Stephens, President of Christmas Decor. “Know what you can handle and make sure the ladder is completely stable.”

Inspect Electrical Decorations

If hanging decorations is a yearly occurrence for the family, chances are the lights have been sitting in a box in the garage since last Christmas. Whether they are regular or LED lights, be sure to check that the circuitry is in good shape. More specifically, check for any nicks or cuts in the cable, damaged bulbs, and faulty sockets. On occasion, squirrels and other wildlife can gnaw and chew on the lights while they are in storage. By inspecting the equipment, the exterior of the home can be further protected from any sparks or unexpected fires that can occur from light damage.

Check the Weather

If the weather forecast indicates icy weather, consider the options for keeping safe. Exposure to the elements can cause more problems than harmful slips or falls — it can also cause frostbite or other health complications. Be sure to dress appropriately when hanging the lights to limit further exposure to cold or severe weather. Stephens explained: “Everyone worries about the ice, but you can catch a bad sickness from underdressing for the weather and sometimes even the right clothing won’t keep you safe. Pause your plans to decorate if the temperature is below freezing.”

Icy conditions are not ideal for ladder use, so either hang the lights earlier in the season or wait until any severe weather conditions pass before putting up the display. Ice can create instability when using a ladder, so check the ground before stepping up.

Recognize Personal Limits

For people who have never hung up their own display before and don’t feel comfortable doing it alone, hire a professional. The money spent on a decorating service is much less than a hospital bill, and this investment can keep everyone healthy and able to spend time with loved ones throughout the holiday season.

About Christmas Decor
Founded in 1986 by Blake Smith, Christmas Decor has become the leading holiday decorating brand in the U.S. and Canada. Originally created as an off-season supplement to the landscaping business, the Texas-based franchise now brings holiday cheer to over 300 communities across North America, ultimately creating jobs for 3,000-plus seasonal workers that might otherwise be unemployed. Backed by a strong business model and double-digit revenue increase year-over-year for the last 11 years, Christmas Decor is looking to grow in markets across the U.S. and Canada. For more information on Christmas Decor, please visit

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