Huma.AI, a Leader in Generative AI, Creates the Future of Life Sciences Via Automated Insight Generation

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Huma.AI: Transformational Impact of Generative AI Within Life Sciences

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Huma.AI facilitates scientific exchange in a way that wasn’t previously possible

Based on the recently released White Paper from Huma.AI, Generative AI has become more than merely an option: It’s the way that Life Science professionals prefer to consume the deluge of data available throughout the day. Huma.AI, the premiere company revolutionizing generative AI, is on a mission to equip Life Science professionals with powerful decision-making data, insights, and analysis using everyday language.

A recent survey showed that a Life Sciences professional is expected to navigate a minimum of ten platforms to gain insights from data, spanning significant details from clinical sites to exceptionally complex real-world evidence. Moreover, the tumultuous trajectory has swiftly shifted from ‘when do you need a response’ to ‘it’s a day late’. With the blink of eye, Generative AI entered the arena, and there is no looking back.

The rapid development in generative AI makes the “build vs Buy” decision more urgent and mission critical. It is widely known that healthcare and life science organizations, in conjunction with seasoned subject matter experts, are innovative, dynamic, nimble, and ground-breaking when it comes to creating life-saving medicines. With that said, their core competency, and corresponding focus, is development of medicine not AI technology.

Regarding adoption of generative AI for such organizations, there are many considerations: cost, time, training, implementation, restructuring and potential lack of daily diligence on technology trends, is an in-house build for manipulating multiple metrics the most valuable utilization of time? During the pandemic, the world has witnessed the phenomenal way Life Sciences has contributed to human health and society. It is more critical now than ever that Life Sciences work with all stakeholders including technology providers to improve health holistically. Huma.AI is perfectly poised to leverage its generative AI platform to automate obtaining insights across multiple platforms and data sources.

Huma.AI’s in-depth analysis has demonstrated:

-- 80% to 90% of life science intelligence is buried in unstructured data, trapped in countless silos across entire organizations.

-- Manual curation of Life Science data may only yield up to 75% accuracy.

-- In contrast, Huma.AI has been independently validated by multiple global pharma clients, achieving up to 97% accuracy rates.

-- Delaying the launch of a drug costs $1M/day.

-- Generative AI can have a dramatic impact saving time on drug development and launches, driving value on the bottom line.

-- Outsourcing does not easily scale, misses key insights, and can be error-prone in other ways.

Utilizing generative AI, Huma.AI has developed a comprehensive platform that automates the extensive process of insight generation across complex data sources. began its collaboration with OpenAI in early 2022. Since then, Huma.AI has leveraged the large language models behind ChatGPT for life sciences providing highly accurate, generated intelligence overcoming many of the weakness inherent in LLMs. Huma.AI’s Life Science insights are referenced and cited, and based on unbiased, data-driven discourse. Such referencing capability is the first in the AI industry.

Unlike other alternatives, Huma.AI’s generative AI platform has been independently validated and deployed by multiple life science companies. It is a significant step up because it offers verifiable answers sourced from current internal and external data, and in a private and secure manner via its single tenant architecture. Such capability allows for Life Science organizations to have complete confidence in the accuracy of the overall exchange.

“Huma.AI facilitates scientific exchange in a way that wasn’t previously possible,” said Huma.AI CEO and Co-founder Lana Feng, PhD. “Huma.AI’s adaptable insights engine can easily integrate new versions of LLMs, ensuring Life Science teams have access to the most current AI models as they become available.”

With Huma.AI, the ability to transform generative AI into a customized and domain-specific AI solutions in support of Life Sciences is merely the first step. Its “expert-in-the-loop” approach to AI ensures high accuracy. Every aspect of information presented by Huma.AI references supporting papers or internal content, ensuring transparency and validity. The Huma.AI environment is so incredibly impressive that even OpenAI commented on Huma.AI’s commitment to accuracy and transparency.

“Trust is critical for the AI industry especially in the area of life sciences and healthcare,” said Greg Kostello, CTO and Co-founder of Huma.AI. “Huma.AI's proven track record of accuracy, reliability and transparency perfectly aligns to secure such trust.”

Huma.AI connects with and keeps private data confidential, while concurrently explaining ‘the why’ behind exactly which intelligence created which signal - something that is not possible with ChatGPT today. Furthermore, Huma.AI realizes that good will never be good enough. As such, the pace at which Huma.AI expands and develops their platform environment moves at the speed of AI itself.

Huma.AI knows that in our on-demand world, generative AI is the urgency needed for Life Sciences professionals to act in real-time and accelerate the development of life-saving drugs.

Huma.AI is increasingly recognized as a leader in ‘how to do AI right’ for highly complex domains. Organizations who are making the “build vs. buy” decision should consider the breakneck speed of generative AI development and ask the question “How do I do Huma.AI?”

Copies of the Huma.AI whitepaper are available upon request.

About Huma.AI
Co-founded by Lana Feng Ph.D. and Greg Kostello, Huma.AI is a leading generative AI company offering a powerful and user-friendly NLP platform that turns Life Science domain experts into their own data scientists. The name Huma means human plus machine where humans always come first. Its transformative, human-centric AI platform has garnered tremendous industry recognition, and Huma.AI currently works with many pharmaceutical and medical device and IVD companies across the globe. Learn more at

Huma.AI is a pioneer in applied generative AI in life sciences. Huma.AI begins where ChatGPT ends: The platform provides privacy and security for enterprises’ data. It analyzes across disparate sources, including internal data and external data; provides references and explanations for experts’ verification and validation; its “expert-in-the-loop” approach leads to the highest accuracy possible. Huma.AI’s mission is to empower life science professionals with mission critical decision-making data, insights, and analysis using everyday language.

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