Huma Rising Launches Meditation App for Women’s Healing and Empowerment

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App focuses on deep healing and the power of community to help women overcome the hardships of 2020

meditation app for women

Huma Rising Launches Meditation App for Women's Healing and Empowerment

This app is for the women who want to wake up, who want to be free, and who are ready to release old, limiting beliefs that keep us playing small.

Huma Rising announced that its app for women’s healing and empowerment is now available on the iOS App Store. The app was created by women, for women who want to release self-limitation, unworthiness, and unhealthy emotional patterns.

“COVID and the year 2020 have brought us a unique opportunity to face ourselves,” said founder and CEO Marina Harmon. “For many of us, old traumas and unprocessed pain have come up to be addressed. We’ve seen the return of things like anxiety, eating disorders, and addictive behaviors as the persistent stress of this year has reactivated many of our deeper issues. With this immense need for healing, we felt it was the right time to share Huma Rising with the world.”

Huma Rising is not just another meditation app. It includes powerful talks, community gatherings, and deep-healing experiences designed to help women understand and transform their emotional lives. These methods help women create freedom from self-sabotage, limiting beliefs, and debilitating emotions, allowing them to feel their innate worthiness. With practices that slow the brain waves to reach the subconscious mind, the source of our emotional programming, Huma Rising helps women create new thought patterns, empowering beliefs, and healthy ways of being.

Huma Rising’s primary meditation practice, Yoga Nidra, is used by the U.S. Department of Defense to heal veterans with PTSD. The practice is unique in that it surfaces unresolved emotions and thought patterns in a way that doesn’t activate the stress response. Instead, by soothing the nervous system, it allows for the resolution of these emotional experiences and subsequent rewiring of the brain. Yoga Nidra is shown to help release negative beliefs, reduce emotional reactivity, and significantly decrease anxiety, depression, and stress.

“This time is a turning point,” Harmon said. “We can either avoid our emotional needs, or we can allow this experience to transform us. This app is for the women who want to wake up, who want to be free, and who are ready to release old, limiting beliefs that keep us playing small.”

About Huma Rising

Huma Rising is an app, virtual studio, and community designed to help women heal, step into their worth, and learn to deeply trust themselves. With practices designed by a team of powerful, embodied women, Huma Rising is on a mission to help all women embrace themselves as they are. The company was founded by Marina Harmon, who left the corporate world in 2018 to record and edit hundreds of hours of meditations, teach herself mobile app development, and build the Huma Rising app. Huma Rising is headquartered in Los Angeles. Visit or follow @huma.rising on Instagram.

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