Human Ken Doll Prompts Comments from MilfordMD Cosmetic Surgeon on How Many Cosmetic Surgery Procedures are Too Much

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Dr. Richard E. Buckley, Cosmetic Surgeon and Medical Director of MilfordMD Cosmetic Dermatology Surgery & Laser Center in Milford, Penn, discusses the most commonly “abused” cosmetic procedures, the best way to approach cosmetic procedures, and how to tell if you’ve had too much cosmetic surgery.

Cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Richard E. Buckley discusses how to avoid looking like the Human Ken Doll

MilfordMD cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Richard E. Buckley, reviews the best way to approach cosmetic procedures to avoid looking "overdone" and provides advice on how to select the best cosmetic surgeon.

I think a good classification of too much plastic surgery would be when most of us would look at someone and say, ‘you know what, they’ve had too much done in the wrong way.’ And we’ve all seen examples of that and many of those examples are very prominent in the media.

From Cindy Crawford to Chrissy Teigen, there’s no shortage of celebrities who have had cosmetic procedures done and look amazing; but there is a sub-segment of celebrities and non-celebrities who have taken their love for cosmetic procedures to excessive levels, such as Justin Jedlica and Rodrigo Alves, each known as the “Human Ken Doll.” Given the increasingly popularity of cosmetic procedures and number of individuals getting multiple treatments, it’s important to ask “is there such a thing as too much cosmetic surgery?”

“I think a good classification of too much plastic surgery would be when most of us would look at someone and say ‘you know what, they’ve had too much done in the wrong way.’ And we’ve all seen examples of that and those examples are very prominent in the media. But that’s not most of what gets done,” says Dr. Richard E. Buckley, cosmetic surgeon and medical director of the nationally accredited AAAHC MilfordMD Cosmetic Dermatology Surgery & Laser Center.

Justin Jedlica doesn’t consider his fixation to cosmetic procedures extreme but he has undergone over 780 procedures including at least five nose jobs and spent over $800,000. Rodrigo Alves discovered his growing obsession with plastic surgery 19 years ago when he had his breasts removed. Since then he has spent over $1 million on 72 cosmetic procedures, including 11 nose jobs, that have changed his looks dramatically.

“I have seen examples of people who will chase a problem and sometimes it doesn’t even start out as a problem, but they chase it until it becomes a problem. Maybe they start out with breast augmentation and then they decide they want to go bigger and then decide they want to go bigger again and again. And maybe the first bigger was too big and the whole issue wasn’t the size of the breast. Perhaps it has to do with other issues, and it would have been better to address those issues since larger breasts didn’t solve the problem,” states Dr. Buckley.

According to Dr. Buckley, the general public doesn’t need to be worried about becoming addicted to cosmetic procedures, but it’s important to get cosmetic treatments done for the right reasons. Cosmetic treatments can help you feel more confident and enhance the way you look, but there are some things it can’t help improve. For example, it’s not good to expect that if you get some filler for nasolabial fold lines, then your life will be great and your husband will love you again, or your girlfriend won’t leave you or you’ll be able to get a date or any other similar situation. One needs to fix one’s life by doing something other than cosmetic procedures such as making changes, approaching life differently, getting some therapy, or changing their job.

“Having said all that, I hear all day, every day long when I make improvements in people’s appearance ‘Oh my gosh, this is so great. I love it.’ And they’re very happy for the improvement and they walk out of MilfordMD feeling inspired, happy and better emotionally. And that’s great. But part of that is setting the right expectations with the patients and understanding their reason for wanting a cosmetic procedure,” says Dr. Buckley.

While most people are happy with the results of their cosmetic procedures, there are some procedures that tend to lead to repeat surgeries, such as breast implants where patients go under the knife more than once to achieve their desired results. In some instances, multiple procedures are planned in order to achieve the desired results and this is done at the consultation phase with the patient and doctor. But in other instances, such as the earlier examples above, the patient is returning to alter the results again and again trying to solve a different underlying issue.

Another common cosmetic procedure that can easily lead to multiple surgeries, as seen with both examples of the Human Ken Doll, is rhinoplasty. As Dr. Buckley states, “surgical rhinoplasty is difficult in that you’re changing the appearance right in the middle of a person’s face. Even if you make it beautifully sculpted, it must really fit the person’s face and they have to be happy with that fit. And if they’re not, now there’s another surgery and possibly another if they continue to be unhappy. But that tiny area doesn’t have a lot of extra tissue lying around to use into the future. You can get into some issues and not be able to rebuild it the way you would like. Mr. Alves who has had 11 nose jobs and is currently concerned about his nose collapsing and his doctors not being able to fix his nose permanently.”

Most patients love the outcome of their cosmetic procedures and, as a result, schedule other treatments to achieve their full aesthetic goals. “Like building a house, there is a process to helping a patient achieve their aesthetic goals. It’s not in a single session that I can do a full correction and turn back their appearance 20 years. Typically, it’s over multiple sessions with a series of procedures and the right expectations that I am able to help patients get the natural-looking, dramatic results they desire,” says Dr. Buckley.

Getting addicted to cosmetic surgery is not something that most people have to worry about, but there is certainly the risk of getting treatment outcomes that look like one has had “too much” work done. “The cosmetic surgeon a patient chooses makes a huge difference in the outcome of the treatment. If you are interested in cosmetic treatments it’s important to choose a cosmetic surgeon with a good hand and who knows about facial anatomy and what occurs during facial aging and who understands the best ways to change the signs of aging through cosmetic procedures,” says Dr. Buckley.

To turn back each individual patient’s clock, Dr. Buckley evaluates them individually; and, ideally with pictures of them from 15-20 years before to figure out how to help them look like a younger, refreshed version of themselves. It’s artwork to help patient’s turn back the hands of time in a natural-looking way, where they look like a younger version of themselves and not like someone they never were. “I think the general public doesn’t have to be worried about becoming addicted to cosmetic procedures, but they do need to worry about looking like they’ve had ‘too’ much done. It’s important to be extremely selective when choosing a cosmetic surgeon. At MilfordMD, Dr. Richard E. Buckley and Dr. Marina Buckley always seek to provide amazing, ultra-natural looking results, where the patient looks like themselves, but an improved version.”

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