Hypnosis for Childbirth – Hypnotherapy Directory Reveal the Benefits of this Increasingly Popular Birthing Method

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Hypnosis for childbirth – what is it, how does it work and when do you have it? Online resource Hypnotherapy Directory reveals all about hypnotherapy for childbirth, a birthing method that the Duchess of Cambridge has reportedly been reading up on to help her prepare for the arrival of the royal baby.

With the royal baby due any day, preparations have already begun and Kate Middleton, who is keen to have a natural birth, has reportedly been reading up on hypnosis for childbirth. According to newspaper coverage the Duchess of Cambridge finds hypnotherapy an appealing option due to it’s natural and side effect free nature. But what exactly is hypnosis for childbirth, how does it work and when should it be used?

Whilst pregnancy and childbirth are full of magical moments, by no means is the process of carrying and giving birth to a child a walk in the park. From acute morning sickness through to contractions and the labour itself – it can be a stressful time.

Hypnosis for childbirth is based on the premise that fear and anxiety can make labour longer and more painful.

Unsurprisingly, family myths, childbirth stories and events depicted by the media mean that before some women have even fallen pregnant they are terrified of giving birth – a fear which only intensifies when carrying a child.

It is believed by many experts that this fear and tension worsens the pain and length of labour, and once this anxiety is removed, tension in the body is released and the muscles can relax.

For women who are considering contacting a hypnotherapist to help them through childbirth, Hypnotherapy Directory outline below how the process works, the scenarios in which it may be beneficial and the different types of session available:

When to have hypnotherapy for childbirth

During pregnancy
Using visualisation techniques to trigger various different nervous system responses can help mums-to-be override physical symptoms including morning sickness.

During labour
Breathing and visualisation exercises are used to reduce fear and anxiety for a more relaxed and hopefully less painful birth.

As a new parent
Becoming a new parent is often a nerve-wracking experience, as mums and dads read the latest baby books and wonder constantly if they could be doing a better job. Hypnotherapy is a valuable tool at this time, allowing parents to take a step back and follow their instincts and intuition so that they can truly enjoy the experience.

Types of childbirth hypnosis
Childbirth hypnotherapy can be taught either in groups or in individual one-to-one sessions – both of which intend to teach mums-to-be how to take themselves into and remain in a state of deep relaxation. Both types of session will also generally include instruction on how to use self-hypnosis, so that expectant parents can become more confident in their techniques by practicing at home.

Group hypnosis for childbirth
In a group hypnotherapy session expectant mothers will usually be joined by their birthing partners, who will learn how to best support the women during the labour itself.

One-to-one hypnosis for childbirth
Whilst one-to-one hypnosis will generally come with a higher price tag, the hypnotherapist will tailor the session specifically to the couple’s needs, as opposed to the sometimes one size fits all approach of group sessions.

Self-hypnosis for childbirth
It goes without saying that hypnotherapists are not permitted to enter the labour room to hold their patients hand – this is where self-hypnosis comes into play. Once expectant parents have stepped outside the comfort of their practitioner’s office, they need to ensure they are able to maintain that deeply relaxed state. Both group and one-to-one sessions should impart self-hypnosis techniques to be practiced at home so that women can feel confident in their body’s ability to have a safe, natural, shorter and less painful birth.

For expectant parents looking for natural and alternative birthing solutions, visit Hypnotherapy Directory today.

About Hypnotherapy Directory
Hypnotherapy Directory is a service that recognised the need for collating all of the information needed to help individuals find a suitable hypnotherapist in their local area. Whilst other directories supply contact details, Hypnotherapy Directory goes that extra mile to provide all of the information that those seeking help may require to make the most informed decisions.

Hypnotherapy Directory lists full profiles detailing each hypnotherapist’s specialisms, the fees they charge, their practice location, qualifications and background information as to the kind of person they are. The directory also provides a wealth of information about hypnotherapy areas and techniques so visitors can browse this information before choosing a hypnotherapist.

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