Ibaoviet Is the Insurance Partner That People of Vietnam Need When Facing Difficult Times

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Ibaoviet is top insurance provider from Vietnam and its new, modern website makes it easier for people to purchase coverage online

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In today's society, more and more companies are losing faith in physical stores and they choose to do business either entirely or partially online. For many industries, this approach is working really well. Purchasing insurance online is getting more and more popular, even in Vietnam.

Ibaoviet keeps up with today's changes in the society and they are offering their customers the possibility to purchase online insurance packages. Customers who need insurance are no longer required to go to a physical store to buy the insurance they need. Online insurance has the convenience of being available at all hours of the day. Gone are the days when the only time customers could have purchased insurance was between 9 and 5.

At Ibaoviet, all the information the customers need is posted transparently on their website. However, customers who have some difficulties in understanding some terms or need consulting before making a purchase can easily contact them. Their team of dedicated professionals is always ready and they can be contacted directly via phone or through Viber, Zalo, Hotline, and email.

Purchasing insurance from Ibaoviet, can help customers save money. Purchasing insurance online skips, the middleman, which is the insurance agent. By not having to pay an insurance agent, Ibaoviet can save money that can be used to offer more advantageous insurance packages. Furthermore, they offer deals and discounts all year round.

Life Insurance

Ibaoviet was selected by Global Banking and Finance Review as the best provider of life insurance in Vietnam. Having more than 15 million protected customers, Ibaoviet is always ready to help potential customers build a flexible solution to protect themselves and their loved ones. Potential customers can choose a life insurance package depending on the needs and age of the persons they want to insure.

Health Insurance

Ibaoviet is offering health insurance packages that can protect both children and adults. Ibaoviet is there when things are not ok, and they are committed to offering quick and fair compensation. The interests of the customers are always the first priority. Their health insurance packages can satisfy the needs of different categories of potential customers such as uninsured persons, persons who want to be treated abroad, persons who want to access high-quality health care, or pregnant women who want to use high-quality maternal services.

Accident Insurance

Accidents happen quite often. Ibaoviet accident insurance packages provide cover to the insured and its dependents against the financial strain that can occur in case of an accident. The coverage of the accident insurance package includes the following: accidental death benefit, partial disability benefit, permanent disability benefit, cover of medical expenses arising from the treatment of the injury, allowances during hospitalization.

Car Insurance

Ibaoviet is offering three types of car insurance: compulsory car insurance, car material insurance, and car insurance for the people inside the vehicle. Compulsory car insurance will pay for the damages done by an insured vehicle to another vehicle or propriety. Car material insurance will reimburse the owner of the policy if the vehicle is damaged in events that can’t be controlled such as crashing, overturning, fire, hurricanes, earthquakes, storms, flood, theft, and others. The accident insurance package for people sitting inside the vehicles like drivers, or passengers, will reimburse the costs to treat the injuries suffered in an accident.

Travel Insurance

Ibaoviet is offering international and domestic travel insurance packages. There are several reasons why travelers should purchase this type of insurance. This insurance will cover the cost of lost luggage, flight cancelation, stolen wallet or passport, damages that are done to propriety, injuries done to a person, or if the insured needs immediate medical assistance.

Technical Propriety Insurance

This type of insurance can help cover the damages done to mechanical and technical proprieties. Technical propriety insurance can reimburse the insured in the following cases: collisions with vehicles or animals that are not under the control of the insured, damage done by earthquakes, volcanoes, thunderstorms, floods, fire or explosion of residential boilers, theft, and robbery.

In addition to the insurance packages described above, Ibaoviet has many other packages created to cover all types of damages and situations. Just contact them and check their insurance packages. Ibaoviet offers the best insurance packages for the best insurance premiums.

For more info about the company's services, visit their website: https://ibaoviet.vn/

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Email: kinhdoanh@ibaoviet.vn
Website: https://ibaoviet.vn/
Address: Tang 5, Toa nha Bigwin, 53 Yen Lang, Quan Đong Da, Ha Noi
Phone: 0922929669

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