Industrial Surplus Launches an Early Buying Trip to Washington DC, New York and New Jersey

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In the wake of the Government shutdown, Industrial Surplus launches an early buying trip to Washington DC, New York and New Jersey.

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Corporate executives, stockholders, shareholders, accountants, brokers are nervous at this shutdown.

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The government shutdown has impacted several areas of our economy. Many multinationals are trying to keep their head above water, especially since we are in the last quarter of the fiscal year. A majority of industrial businesses show a net profit during the last quarter of the year, improving their bottom line. It is now the last quarter of the year and it has many corporate executives, stockholders, shareholders, accountants, and brokers nervous that this government shutdown will affect year-end profits.

However, there are some executives who are making the most of this down time. They are doing their massive inventory count earlier on in the year. "Most smart business are finding ways to be active and not obsessed over the government dramatics," said Gino Parker, President of Industrial Surplus.

This year has been an extremely bi-polar year for the industrial sector. There was a big uproar on rebuilding America, rebuilding the economy and creating more jobs to bring down the unemployment percentage. However, months prior to the holiday season the situation looks bleak. Many fortune 500 companies have generated so much surplus from over-ordering, not utilizing, not communicating or accounting for the material they purchase for their production and manufacturing operations. The surplus inventory has allowed many companies to reduce production, which eliminate jobs. Before production resumes, the excess inventory has to be sold or re-used. Many companies have turned to outside surplus companies to rid themselves of excess inventory versus eliminating jobs. By selling the surplus inventory to a surplus company, they have been able to keep production steady and keep good employees.

"We have to rethink our budgets for the next fiscal year so we can predict such shutdowns and save a buck and maintain our overhead," said Martin Williams - a senior employee who works at Cameron Valves. "These companies often spend millions of dollars to save half a million. This is how companies generate surplus, by ordering the same inventories that they already have. However an early inventory clean up is the order of the day"

When companies find themselves with excess surplus inventory, it will become wasteful and unmanageable. Eventually, this excess inventory will become detrimental to a company's bottom line through insurance, carrying costs, damaged goods, additional labor, obsolescence, and more. The most effective way to rid a company of excess inventory is better management of wasteful inventory. When the best inventory management still produces excess inventory, then asset recovery is the best solution to turn wasteful inventory into cash and provide additional revenue for the company.

Gino Parker concludes his thought, "Government shutdown has allowed several corporations to do an early inventory count. We have been getting lists from Washington Dc, New York, New Jersey and several other areas in the east coast to bid on their surplus inventory. This is how Industrial Surplus serves such companies and assists them step-by-step to identify such material that may be considered surplus or obsolete in these organizations, but this surplus material will be of value in the asset recovery market. Industrial Surplus buys and sells variety of such surplus at great value, assisting these companies to make a bad situation better. By purchasing this excess inventory, Industrial Surplus can assist these companies to stay in the black in a time of a shut down."

Industrial Surplus has been in business for over 25 years. They have a reputation for providing the best value and best customer service. Even more, Industrial Surplus have multiple storage yards all across the nation and can provide services in nearly every state. For more information about the asset recovery services available, visit or call 713-644-4011.

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