Inspiring Example of 87 Year-Old Florence Phillips Highlights the Very Real Hope that Remains for Immigrants in the United States, says the Law Offices of Henry A. Posada

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The Los Angeles immigration attorney comments on a recent article that immigrants still have the ability to build a good life in the U.S., if they have access to the right resources.

20th century European immigrants faced numerous struggles before achieving success.

Even in the current troubling atmosphere, immigrants may have resources that can allow them to successfully build a life here in the United States.

An August 23 feature article on CNN reports on the inspiring life of 87 year-old Florence Phillips. The daughter of Jewish immigrants who came to the United States to avoid persecution prior to World War II, Ms. Phillips knows first-hand the struggles faced by people who come to America searching for a new life and who face serious language barriers alongside many other obstacles. A full-time activist, she has focused on helping immigrants for the last 18 years, first with AmeriCorps and now with her own ESL program in Northern Nevada. Ms. Phillips has made it her life’s work to help immigrants adjust to their new lives and obtain citizenship. Los Angeles based immigration attorney Henry A. Posada says that Ms. Phillips success in helping immigrants learn and achieve their dreams shows that, even in the current troubling atmosphere, immigrants may have resources that can allow them to successfully build a life here in the United States.

It is impossible to ignore the new challenges that immigrants are facing every day under the current immigration climate, says Mr. Posada. However, one of the beauties of living in the U.S.are the many independent resources that can make an enormous difference to people working to remain in the country legally. He adds that California, in particular, offers immigrants various resources to help them and their families build new and happier lives. On the legal level, the state has a number of helpful avenues that can make it possible to maintain legal residence even in some difficult situations.

Specifically, Mr. Posada notes that, despite the ongoing enforcement of laws aimed at immigrants with convictions on their records, post-conviction relief can still frequently be pursued. In particular, a section of the California penal code added in January 2017 makes it more viable for certain convictions to be vacated, clearing the way for possible legalization, avoidance of removal, or naturalization.

Ultimately, Mr. Posada says that the most important thing for individuals and families who are concerned about legal status, is to remain calm and seek out assistance, including competent legal support. Interested readers are invited to reach out to the Law Offices of Henry A. Posada at (562) 450-5538. They can also visit the law office’s web site at

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