Insurance Experts Explain What To After Realizing That The Car Was Stolen

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“Having your car stolen can put you in a delicate situation. Knowing what steps to take after you realize that your car got stolen can help remedy this situation,” said Russell Rabichev, Marketing Director of Internet Marketing Company. has launched a new blog post that explains what you have to do after the car got stolen and how a car insurance company can help.

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The perfect day of any driver will be ruined if his car is missing. He remembers exactly where the vehicle was parked, but now it’s not there anymore. Suddenly, the driver realizes that the car got stolen.

Drivers that got their cars stolen should follow the next steps:

  • Make sure that the car is stolen. Before filing a police report, drivers should ensure that the vehicle is really stolen. Drivers should question the persons that have access to the vehicle if they didn’t move it. Also, drivers should try to remember if they didn’t park the car in a different location than they normally do. Finally, drivers should call the local impound and check if their vehicles were towed for parking in a forbidden zone.
  • File a police report. The police will like to know as much information as possible. They will require data, such as when the car was spotted for the last time or when the car was driven for the last time, car make, model, year of productions and installed tracking devices. Drivers will need a copy of the report for their insurers.
  • Talk to the insurance company. The next thing to do after obtaining a copy of the police report is to contact the insurer and explain to them what happened. To support the claim, the insurer will need a copy of the police report. If the policyholder has comprehensive coverage, then he will be reimbursed. But before that, the insurer will start an investigation on their own in order to eliminate any possibility of insurance fraud. They will send a claims adjuster that will probably have the same questions as the police had, Insurers can wait up to 2 weeks to confirm that the car is stolen. If the car is confirmed to be stolen, then the policyholder will be reimbursed with actual values of the vehicle at the time it got stolen minus the deductible.
  • Report the stolen car to the DMV. The DMV has a database of stolen vehicles and if someone tries to register the stolen vehicle under their name, the DMV will alert the authorities. Reporting the stolen vehicle to the DMV will help the policyholders be protected from future issues regarding their stolen vehicle.
  • Start a personal investigation. Some drivers might believe they are not getting all the help they need, so they take this matter in their own hands. To do that, most drivers will look for recent car listings in their area on different sites like Craigslist, or eBay. If they found their vehicle, drivers should contact the authorities to retrieve it.

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