Insurance Experts Present Several Smart Ways To Get Cheaper Car Insurance

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“For many, car insurance is a necessary expense. To cut the costs of insurance, policyholders can bundle multiple policies and drive a safe vehicle”, said Russell Rabichev, Marketing Director of Internet Marketing Company. has launched a new blog post that presents several smart methods that can help car owners cut costs on car insurance.

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In most states, car insurance is required by law. For many, car insurance can be a costly investment that can seriously affect the family’s budget. Fortunately, there are many ways that can help anyone pay less on car insurance.

To cut costs on car insurance, drivers can follow the next tips:

  • Keep the car parked in a garage. Insurance companies prefer cars that are kept in garages and for this reason, they will lower the insurance rates. Cars that are being kept in a garage are less likely to be stolen and are better protected against the severe weather.
  • Increase deductibles. Policyholders can agree to pay more money out of their pockets, before the insurance kicks in. Doing this will lower the price of insurance. However, drivers should ensure they will save enough money in order to pay for the deductibles if they will have to file a claim.
  • Drive a safe car. Exotic sports cars or limousines are expensive to insure. These cars are expensive to repair and are favorite targets for thieves. Instead, drivers should try to insure slightly used minivans, SUV’s, or sedans that are equipped with several safety devices. These types of vehicles are cheaper to insure and they cost less to repair.
  • Keep a good credit score or improve it. Insurance companies will look at the drivers' credit score before granting them coverage. Insurers claim they found a correlation between a driver's credit score and his chances to file for a claim. For this reason, drivers with a poor credit score will pay more on insurance premiums, while policyholders with good or excellent credit score will less.
  • Bundle multiple policies. One of the easiest methods used by drivers to save money on car insurance is to bundle policies. Drivers that own at least two vehicles can combine their policies at one insurer and obtain a multi-car discount. Also, drivers can combine different types of policies like car insurance with life insurance, homeowner’s insurance, or health insurance and obtain a multi-policy discount.

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