Integris Software Releases Industry’s First Solution Capable of Discovering Toxic Combinations of Data Across All Data Source Types

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New capabilities and integrations with ServiceNow, Tableau, and Collibra provide deeper visibility and control over enterprise data assets

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As the security perimeter evaporates and data protection challenges continue to expand, companies need automated data management tools to uncover problematic data.

RSA Conference 2020 - Integris Software today announced a new solution set to help enterprises address their digital transformation, data privacy, and data protection needs across all environments. Integris NextGen Data Inventory includes several industry-first capabilities now critical to the success of data governance, data privacy, and data protection teams, including deeper discovery to the data element level, the ability to scan for correlated attributes and to infer sensitive data across any source and type, whether at rest or in motion.

With increasing regulatory scrutiny over the data that companies collect, use and share, enterprises need an accurate way to manage personal information (PI) to remain in compliance. The California Consumer Privacy Act(CCPA) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) are driving urgency to find PI across ecosystems, but organizations also need a solution that can ensure their data governance is accurate by better managing comprehensive privacy, data hygiene, and data protection needs.

“As the security perimeter evaporates and data protection challenges continue to expand, companies need automated data management tools to uncover problematic data,” said Kristina Bergman, Founder and CEO at Integris Software. “To protect business operations and reputations, they must be able to uncover all types of sensitive information, toxic combinations of data, and other potential compliance and business risks across their systems.”

Protecting Against Toxic Combinations of Data and Compliance Risks

Organizations must understand what personal information they have, where it is held, and how it is being used to avoid surprises. The Integris NextGen Data Inventory solution set enables enterprises to scan their repositories and classify sensitive information down to the data element level to uncover risks that were previously invisible, including toxic combinations of anonymized data that can reveal people’s identities.

Integris NextGen Data Inventory gives companies access to:

  • Discovery to the Data Element Level: Context-aware, deeper discovery finds all sensitive and critical business information needed to comply with privacy regulations and protect innovation. It operates at the data element level to show exactly what is in an organization’s dataset, not just what the metadata implies.
  • Correlated Attributes: Identifies toxic combinations of anonymized data which can reveal identities and become a compliance risk when combined. For example, 87% of the U.S. population can be re-identified using only three attributes: gender, zip code, and date of birth.
  • Inferred Sensitive Data: Finds and understands data context to identity inferred attributes. For example, organizations now need to know how food preferences in a user profile can infer religion, donations can infer political preference, or how behavioral patterns can be drawn from GPS data.
  • Privacy and Security by Design: Obfuscate PI and deploy in a secure data environment regardless of location including on-prem, in AWS, Azure, and GCP virtual private clouds. Multi-zone support eliminates the need to copy consumer data across geographic or security zones.
  • Role-Based Data Inventory Dashboards and Experiences: Targeted dashboards and workflows enable privacy and governance teams to understand their data and ensure compliance, enable data stewards to verify accuracy, and data owners and security teams to ensure data is protected.

Expanding Value with ServiceNow, Tableau, and Collibra Integrations

The solution set also includes new API integrations with ServiceNow, Tableau, and Collibra to tie into customers’ broader ticketing, InfoSec, business intelligence, and data governance ecosystems. Integris Software initiates workflows in ServiceNow, becomes the source of truth to ensure data governance is accurate in platforms like Collibra, and leverages business intelligence in Tableau.    

  • Remediation and Orchestration with ServiceNow: Automatically identify policy and obligation risks and leverage ServiceNow to manage remediation workflows. Detect and remediate data handling issues from data residency, retention, proliferation, misclassification, mislabeling and encryption.
  • Access Data Inventory with Tableau: Access data inventory through high fidelity dashboards, the new Tableau integration, and APIs to Bring Your Own BI. Visualize and analyze inventory attributes, classifications, data sources, platforms, hosting locations, and business units.
  • Data Governance in Collibra, Powered by Integris Data Inventory: Brings Collibra’s data governance workflows and policies to life with accurate data inventory from Integris’ automated, deep data discovery. Harnesses automation to eliminate ineffective manual processes and ensure data inventory accuracy.

Evolving Platform to Meet Future Risk Assessment and Remediation Needs

In addition to the latest Integris NextGen Inventory solutions set, the company is continuing to advance its risk assessment and remediation capabilities. These features will be coming soon:

  • New Liability and Risk Assessments Experience: Privacy regulators will fine companies based on each personal record found in data breaches. Quantifying records per data system will help organizations prioritize data protection controls across widespread systems. Integris Risks will help data governance professionals quantify and communicate privacy risks in new ways.
  • New Risk Remediation Experience to Find Data and Location: New risk dashboards and tracking will also help data owners and protection teams find and remediate the most important risks. Identify the specific records or files that need remediation and gain an accurate location of where the data was found.


About Integris Software                        

Integris Software, the global leader in data discovery and privacy automation, helps enterprises discover and control the use of sensitive data in a way that protects privacy and fuels innovation.

Deep data discovery and privacy automation are now critical to an effective data governance and data protection strategy. By sitting upstream from security and data governance, Integris tells you what data is important and why so you can be precise in your InfoSec controls and ensure an accurate data inventory for your data governance platform.

Integris works securely, at scale, no matter where sensitive data resides. You get a live map of your sensitive data where you can apply policies, surface issues, fulfill DSAR requests, and automate remediations via your broader ticketing, data governance, and InfoSec ecosystem.

Regulations like GDPR and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) are triggering knee-jerk reactions as companies lock down their data for fear of misuse. With Integris, there is finally a way to use your data without fear.

For more information on Integris, visit: or follow @Integrisio on Twitter.

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