Intelematics launches highly anticipated Origin-Destination feature to level the playing field

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Australia’s leading provider of real-time mobility information, Intelematics, has taken the next step in its traffic insight offering by adding Origin-Destination data and analytics to its flagship INSIGHT tool

Australia’s leading provider of real-time mobility information, Intelematics, has taken the next step in its traffic insight offering by adding Origin-Destination data and analytics to its flagship INSIGHT tool. The move follows a high volume of requests for the feature from local councils and engineering firms since INSIGHT’s launch in July.

Accessing traffic data about where people travel from and travel to has typically been unachievable for many organisations, due to the timely and costly nature of traditional data collection methods. These traditional methods include complex surveillance methods, license plate scanning (ANPR), or manual surveying methods such as roadside and phone interviews.

The INSIGHT Origin-Destination feature levels the playing field by giving users access to affordable, reliable, instantly available and easy-to-interpret data and analytics. It means that organisations don’t need huge budgets and extensive resources to reap the benefits of Origin-Destination information.

By adding Origin-Destination data to its INSIGHT tool on top of traffic flow and traffic volume information, Intelematics is helping to give users a holistic view of roads and the entire traffic network for better transport and urban planning.

The Origin-Destination feature provides information about where traffic travels from and to, broken down by Local Government Area (LGA) or suburb. In addition to overall traffic patterns, INSIGHT Origin-Destination provides traffic analysis and modelling to see average travel times, frequency distribution reports, and ratio matrices.

Origin-Destination data brings significant benefits to local councils, engineering firms, urban planners and transport experts by providing critical insight into:
•Contextualising congestion: Understanding where traffic is coming from and going to which is causing congestion hotspots within a LGA, for example, is it local or traffic travelling through?

•Planning growth corridors: Understanding impact to shared growth corridors, for example, if 20 per cent of an LGA’s traffic comes from Paramatta, and Paramatta’s population is predicted to grow by 30 per cent in the next ten years, what is the impact?
•Appeal and seasonality: Understanding what events and times of the year increase and decrease traffic into an area or suburb. By understanding where traffic is coming from targeted campaigns are created.
•Urban planning: Understanding the most used routes and how traffic has changed over time to invest in infrastructure and development that best caters to commuter’s needs.
•Smart city programs: Understanding more about how people move allows for smart city programs that better reflect how people live and helps to enhance the quality of life.

Origin-Destination data has been provided to the market previously, but not at this calibre. INSIGHT’s collection of data comes from Intelematics’ access to 100 million+ trips in both private and commercial vehicles and is validated using high-quality, real-time road authority data. It is further verified with 24/7 control groups and machine-taught algorithms.

In addition to releasing Origin-Destination data to the INSIGHT traffic analysis tool, Intelematics is also increasing the data coverage across the New South Wales road network by 250 per cent. This increase will include minor road coverage across the state.

This is in response to a survey of local government professionals that showed 45 per cent of respondents found lack of coverage to be the biggest problem they faced in sourcing and analysing mobility data.

Since the launch of INSIGHT in late July, Intelematics received 130 requests for sign up to its tool and onboarded more than 80 organisations in NSW alone. The tool gives users power to visualise and analyse historical traffic speed and congestion, volume, and now trip trends for thousands of roads in New South Wales. Going forward in early 2021 INSIGHT universe coverage will be expanded to Victoria.

Intelematics’ Senior Product Manager, John Cardoso, says that since the launch of INSIGHT, the company has been listening to feedback from traffic and transport professionals to continually enhance the tool and increase coverage.

“We have been overwhelmed by the interest we have received for INSIGHT. The platform only went live in the middle of this year, and the feedback received informed us that we were filling a large gap in the mobility space and truly providing game-changing technology for the future.

“A key feature request that came up time and time again was to understand the behaviour of where people travel from and to and see the most used routes and popular destinations for urban planning. As we already had the data and product functionality of comparing traffic volume and speed by council and suburb, it was relatively easy for us to produce.

“This is just the latest step in our crusade to democratise Australia’s mobility data. We realise having access to quality data is an inherent requirement for making sound and informed decisions when it comes to traffic, road, or infrastructure planning – not just for data experts, but anyone who is a contributor to the process.

“By giving as many people as possible access to the most accurate and up-to-date information, we take the guesswork out of planning, drive data-led decision making and improve outcomes for all,” said Mr Cardoso.

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