IntelliSite’s Advanced 4G/LTE Wireless Surveillance Helps Cities and Law Enforcement Stop Illegal Dumping

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Remote Monitoring Reduces Illegal Dumping to Save Resources and Tax Dollars

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Applying IntelliSite’s advanced surveillance solutions to real-world problems is changing how public works directors and law enforcement approach illegal dumping.

IntelliSite IoT, a leading provider of advanced surveillance and monitoring systems, today announced the application of its Eyes-On Smart City Surveillance to city and county officials across the nation to curb illegal dumping. Available immediately, IntelliSite’s unique remote monitoring and action-oriented surveillance solution is a key resource for city and county public works directors and law enforcement officers fight against illegal dumping. IntelliSite has outlined the challenges and opportunities of stopping illegal dumping here.

The IntelliSite video surveillance system was purpose built to address illegal dumping. With the addition of advanced analytics to detect problematic behavior, Eyes-On alerts live agents when an incident is taking place. This enables cities to remotely preempt crime using onsite speakers to deter violators and to capture identifying information when a citation needs to be issued. The solution is completely isolated from the city’s network; therefore, no IT involvement is required. The equipment uses power from any street light with a photo cell adapter, and public works employees can be trained to install equipment during routine maintenance. This allows the system to be moved easily to address specific areas where illegal dumping is occurring.

“Applying IntelliSite’s advanced surveillance solutions to real-world problems is changing how public works directors and law enforcement approach illegal dumping,” said Mario Campos, CEO of IntelliSite IoT. “IntelliSite’s active surveillance solution allows the area to be monitored, criminals to be engaged in real time with voice downs and citations to be issued with the data that is captured within our License Plate Recognition solution. We have seen a tremendous response in both urban and rural areas in deterring illegal dumping and creating a new revenue source.”

IntelliSite in Action A small southern California city was removing close to 500 tons of illegal garbage a year from its streets and rural areas, at a cost of more than a million dollars to tax payers. This was compounded by the more than 4,500 staff hours that supported this effort. The city and law enforcement turned to IntelliSite to identify 26 city locations that were known problem areas and equipped each one with IntelliSite’s Eyes-On Smart City Surveillance. IntelliSite’s all-in-one solution included 26 UIGs (Universal IoT Gateways), 98 Cameras with LPR (License Plate Recognition), and Eyes-On Monitoring Service with Active Monitoring by IntelliSite® live agents.

Within one year, the city recognized a 30-50 percent reduction in illegal dumping that resulted in an annual savings of more than $450,000 in budget reduction. Law enforcement was able to reallocate resources that resulted in high priority areas being monitored more frequently. Finally, because License Plate Recognition can lead straight to the offenders, this effort was augmented by a new revenue source by issuing citations for illegal dumping that run between $500-$2,000 per offense.

The technology underlying the IntelliSite solution is Cradlepoint’s secure wireless Edge solution, NetCloud. “IntelliSite is an elite level Cradlepoint partner that is applying the power of wireless LTE connectivity, SD-WAN and remote management to address real world problems. IntelliSite’s industrial “Eyes-on” application coupled with our NetCloud Perimeter security provides an actionable and positive outcome that is beneficial to any city tackling the problem of illegal dumping,” said Robert Auci, VP of Channel Marketing at Cradlepoint.

About IntelliSite IoT
IntelliSite is an industry leader of advanced surveillance and monitoring systems. Tapping into the connectivity afforded by the Internet of Things, IntelliSite’s platform delivers a wide range of managed applications that creates connected businesses and actionable outcomes. Founded in 2001, IntelliSite provides enterprise-scale solutions spanning across public works, financial, energy, agriculture, retail, and education. IntelliSite can be found at or via Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook.

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