Telnet Connect to Immediately Begin Selling Broad Sky Networks’ New Secure 3G/4G Pooled Wireless Internet Service and Cloud Back-Up Offerings

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Telnet Connect to offer Broad Sky Networks new offerings including Mobile and Fixed 3G/4G LTE M2M, WiMAX Fixed Wireless and Satellite Broadband (VSAT) for Internet and Cloud services.

Telnet Connect, Data, Voice, Collaboration and Cloud Experts

Telnet Connect, Data, Voice, Collaboration and Cloud Experts

We will grow your voice, data and cloud services to ensure your business is never held back by its telecom capabilities

Telnet Connect, a leading telecom agent headquartered in Atlanta has immediately begun selling Broad Sky’s, nation’s largest fixed wireless provider for businesses products in the US and Canada. Under the agreement, Telnet Connect can now offer wireless 3G and 4G LTE ( from multiple carriers on one bill. Fixed wireless is great for many applications and for back-up or redundancy. They also immediately will offer Private Networks where the traffic never touches public Internet.

Wireless is a very cost effective way to back-up your voice and internet connections. A typical wired network downtime is 1.5%. Using wireless 3G/4G as a redundant internet connection can reduce average downtime by a factor of 10. Redundant wired paired with a wireless connections can improve availability to a whopping 99.99%. Wireless is also faster to install, cutting ramp times to 4 weeks with little to no upfront costs and self or professional install options. Multi-site clients can pool their usage across multiple carriers, solving the problem of one carrier not covering all locations, plus clients will get one bill and increase their savings.

TechLink, a sister company of Broad Sky, will be handling professional installation services including Broad Sky’s multi-carrier solution with pooled plan pricing.

Another key offering is the exploding area of Machine to Machine (M2M) communication for primary or mobile workforce as wireless for redundancy. The key driver is Cloud Computing ( and wireless providers such as Broad Sky keeps clients in the “CLOUD” 24X7. According to Mel Levine, CEO and Founder of Telnet Connect, “Wireless offers a reliable means of back up which is truly separate from any wired or fibered connection. It eliminates the concerns about insuring that any wired backup truly has a non-redundant fiber path. In many locations this is just not possible. In addition, for rural areas, wireless can provide a cost effective option to limited and expensive wireline choices.”

So what exactly do Telecom Agents do? Telecom agents act just like independent insurance agents. They are experts at their industry but don’t work for any one provider. The benefits of using an independent agent are the same in both industries: they can sell more than one providers solutions so they get to cherry pick the best solutions at the best price, they are unbiased advisors who don’t have quotas to meet and their services are generally free to the client as the service providers/carriers pay their fees.

The results are impressive. When companies use an agent, such as Telnet Connect, they get much better value, saving as much as 20 or 30% on their telecom expenses. Companies using an agent can often increase their capabilities while seeing their costs go down. The quality of the providers and their solutions are all state of the art. It’s a little known secret that all providers, including the big names such as AT&T, Time Warner, Comcast and now Microsoft, all augment their sales forces with Independent Telecom Agents. So just about anything the big boys have to offer, a telecom agent can get you, generally at a savings over the direct agent.

About Telnet Connect
Telnet Connect was founded in 2009 and has helped companies from local entrepreneurs, mid-sized regional to national non-profits save thousands on their telecom solutions while building new capabilities for their businesses. Telnet Connect is a full service agency, handling everything end to end with a wide range of products and providers to choose from. They offer services in all 50 states plus Canada and Puerto Rico. The principals, Mr. Levine and Ms. Sadlo pride themselves on understanding current and future business needs and combining that knowledge with their extensive background in telecom to “right size” and “future proof” the solution.

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