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This spring, moms-to-be and new moms nationwide will finally have a destination that they can turn to throughout their pregnancy journey to help them navigate the daunting task of proper nutrition, fitness, overall well-being and a healthy mindset with the launch of Preg Appetit! and RebelMOM.

This spring, moms-to-be and new moms nationwide will finally have a destination that they can turn to throughout their pregnancy journey to help them navigate the daunting task of proper nutrition, fitness, overall well-being and a healthy mindset with the launch of Preg Appetit! and RebelMOM.

Preg Appetit! was founded by Dan Caglione, who found himself making it a priority to research nutritious – and delicious – meals for his ever-growing family. With each of his wife’s three pregnancies, he was continuously trying to figure out the puzzle of what she could and could not eat during those nine-month journeys. A Google search would only lead to contradicting information, leaving him even more confused. It was nearly impossible to find clear and concise information on the correct nutrients necessary for a healthy pregnancy and baby, making it difficult to come up with a solid meal plan.

The challenges and frustrations of his research led Dan to realize pregnant women deserved a place to learn innovative, fun, healthful options that would nourish not only her but her growing baby as well. He wanted to provide these women with the hows and whys of pregnancy nutritional information while simultaneously learning a new recipe. He set out with this to provide expectant mothers with a space that caters to her needs without making her feel limited or confused in her daily food options.

"Preg Appetit! is not about coming up with new recipes or new ways to cook,” says Caglione. “It's about looking at what we like to eat and putting a spin on it to make it more nutritious for the mother-to-be and her growing baby, without the sacrifice of taste."

Alongside Dan is key partner, Rebecca Messina, who acts as one of Preg Appetit’s two in-house nutritionists to create the delicious, healthy and balanced recipes featured on the platform. Rebecca’s impressive list of credentials include an MS in Nutrition and Food Science, as well as Certification in Nutrition and Exercise Science, both from Montclair State University and Certification in Nutrition Counseling from the American Association of Nutrition Consultants.

In addition to Rebecca, Ashley Shaw also acts as an in-house nutritionist. A registered dietitian for nearly 10 years, her journey began at The Pennsylvania State University where she received a double major in Nutritional Science and Bio-Behavioral Health. She went on to complete her Dietetic Internship at CUNY Hunter in NYC. Over the next few years Ashley trained to be a labor and delivery doula and focused her nutritional studies on breastfeeding support and lactation. In 2015 Ashley graduated with her masters in Food and Nutrition from George Mason University.

Preg Appetit! will offer a complimentary wide range of recipes, including, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and even mocktails – all which will be featured through short episodes (a.k.a.“preg-isodes”) and easy-to-follow step-by-step recipes within the Preg Appetit! website. Through a collective of registered dieticians and both holistic and clinical nutritionists with experience in prenatal nutrition, Preg Appetit! ensures that recipes are bursting with nutrients AND flavor. Each unique episode will take on that of an interactive cooking show, breaking down the recipe and preparation instructions while also providing detail on why that particular ingredient is beneficial to mom and baby. And with the realization that not all pregnancies are the same, recipes are created to cater to a variety of health conditions and complications.

But there’s more to it than that... Not only do moms-to-be need to think about their overall food choices, it’s important to take care of their bodies through customized meal plans, fitness programs and overall well-being. Enter: RebelMOM – another stop on the journey to pregnant women and moms feeling their absolute best while working the hardest job of all: motherhood. For a monthly membership fee, RebelMOM helps these women figure out what their bodies now need – both during and after pregnancy and whether breastfeeding or not – in order to maintain energy and optimal health.

“Our partnership with Preg Appetit! helps support our mission for RebelMOM, which is to put the focus back on mothers-to-be and new moms alike,” says Liz Loizou-Smith, Co-Founder of RebelMOM. “Our team of trained doctors, nurses, certified prenatal health and fitness coaches, registered dietitians, breastfeeding support and lactation specialists, nutrition therapy practitioners and chiropractors work in tandem with each other to coordinate care for clients. The goal is to provide them with comprehensive support for a healthy pregnancy and a balanced life of health and wellness while embarking on her journey as a mother after giving birth.”

Users will enjoy the ability to have individualized menus created specifically to their needs and goals, as well as customized workout routines and recommendations for wellness supplements and practices. Each client will be paired with their own coach who will walk them through their plan and act as a virtual cheerleader to help her achieve her health and wellness goals in an attainable way.

“The goal with RebelMOM is to act as a guide and coach to help women navigate the abundant and overwhelming amount of health and fitness advice surrounding a healthy pregnancy,” says Corey Berger, Co-Founder of RebelMOM. “We help put moms-to-be and new moms in complete control with the ability to customize their plans that focus on mind, body and spirit – all which are important to not only a healthy pregnancy, but to allow them to be the best mother they can be by feeling their absolute best. At RebelMom, we help you to EMBRACE THE JOURNEY!”

Preg Appetit! and RebelMOM officially launched on Sunday, May 10th.

Preg Appetit! is available to all at no cost
RebelMOM membership packages will start at $300 per month

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