IRA Growth Just Got Better for Retirement and Can Help Recover from COVID Impact

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Americans say the events of the past year have hurt their retirement savings and it will take two to three years to recover, due to job loss or emergency retirement account withdrawals.

Sol Mar REI, LLC., has announced today that it is extending its special nationwide offer of Cash Bonuses up to $2000.00 on new Client Accounts for Retirement Account Rollovers and Custodian-to-Custodian Transfers to SDIRAs, Checkbook Control IRAs and Solo 401(k)s to help in the COVID financial recovery process.

The company has a special division and website:, which provides facilitation services for the setup of Self-Directed & Checkbook Control Individual Retirement Accounts and Sol Mar REI provides real estate related opportunities, primarily focused on non-speculative, Single Family and Smaller Multifamily dwellings in the median price point of the respective 23 markets they operate in, as a strong foundation of cash flow and equities for IRA Growth.

As 2020 has come and gone, the consequences from COVID still remain. According to Fidelity Investments’ 2021 State of Retirement Planning Study, “82% of Americans say the events of the past year have hurt their retirement plans. Also, according to that study, people fall into one of three categories: 33% have a plan in place to achieve their goals, 31% have thought about it in detail, and 34% have thought about it somewhat but have yet to start”. According to a January, 2021 article on, One in three full-time workers, or 33%, have taken out or plan to take out money this year, according to a survey from the Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies. With some people questioning where the Social Security Administration will be within 10 years in terms of the actual payment amounts of income benefits, the recent revelations of the stock market, low yield on bonds, precious metals not producing income, preparing for early or unplanned retirement; a good amount of people are wanting more control on their financial destiny by including real estate related assets for cash flow and growth into their IRAs as a better way to recovery for their retirement accounts. The Individual Retirement Arrangement goes back to the passage of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974. And while most accounts since then have been focused on conventional assets such as mutual funds, stocks, bonds, annuities and CDs, the law has always allowed for all kinds of alternative asset classes as well. These types of accounts give the individual investor the power to invest in a more diversified manner and with investments the individual understands and is more comfortable with. Properly done the individual investor can out-perform the stock market with less stress from market volatility and maintain liquidity without asset sales at time of distribution. The savvy investor can have their IRA outperform distributions which can add to legacy.

The problem for many people wanting to do a rollover or transfer is they do not know what all their options and opportunities are. The first step in the solution is a Free Phone Consultation to help personalize a plan specifically designed for each client. When speaking to a retirement account and investment specialist, you can find out more about the 1-year guarantee on cash flows, 1 year no cost repairs on real estate, their VIP Program, an affiliate program for retirees to have addition income, email, or text notifications on your bank deposits from investments and the cash bonus up to $2,000.00 with a new SDIRA, CBIRA or Solo 401(k) regardless of account size.

With many satisfied clients using Self-Directed IRAs, Checkbook Control IRAs and Checkbook Control Solo 401(k)s all over the country, there is good reason to consider using these vehicles with Real Estate Related Opportunities as a strong foundation and having the ability to season your account with other assets like stocks, bonds, precious metals, bitcoin, and many other types of assets of your choice. Getting a SDIRA, CBIRA or Solo 401(k) with Sol Mar REI, you can:

  • Get up to $2,000 cash bonus and one-year custodial fees paid!
  • Enjoy low annual maintenance fees starting in year two.
  • Have control on your retirement account and financial destiny.
  • Have professionals that have decades of experience with retirement accounts and investments at the ready.
  • Benefit from secure-predictable monthly income and growth for your retirement account(s) with turnkey services & competitive pricing

For those concerned about taxation, inflation, stock market volatility and having no-load & transparent investments to build net worth and family financial legacy, perhaps it is time to plan and take control of your financial future. Another advantage of investing in these accounts are the tax-advantaged growth of assets in a retirement account. The gains that the account assets generate can be either tax-deferred or tax-free. The account will initially receive a tax break, which allows investments to grow faster. They can only be taxed as income when withdrawn later.

For more information visit: To get started, set a Free phone consultation at: and an experienced professional can answer your questions, plan and discuss options with you to help not only recover, but set a trajectory of secure and predictable growth for your IRA.

Sol Mar REI, LLC., has a team of professionals with decades of experience in retirement accounts and real estate investments. Sol Mar REI, LLC., will further support the communities they operate in by making donations to qualified non-profit organizations from revenues. Contact for details.

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