Is Florence Hurricane Damage Covered By Car Insurance?

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Is Florence Hurricane Damage Covered By Car Insurance?

In the light of recent events, has released a new blog post that explains how the car damage caused by Hurricane Florence can be reimbursed by auto insurance. 

Hurricanes and other extreme weather phenomena can quickly destroy a car and threaten the life of anyone caught driving. Is it possible to get car repair money if the car was not damaged by a collision, but by Mother Nature? Find out more and get free quotes from!

Comprehensive car insurance provides coverage against financial losses caused by a hurricane. These events, which are beyond any person's control, are classified as "Acts of God" in many contracts. If the car is damaged by water destroying the electronic components or the car is flipped and damaged by strong winds, comprehensive will cover it.

Collision insurance can be used to cover hurricane damage. But only if the policyholder is caught driving during the hurricane, the road is wet and the car starts hydroplaning and crashes. This is why it's not recommended to drive during such adverse weather conditions.

There are few things to know about comprehensive coverage. Insurance companies monitor the weather and they are instantly informed when a hurricane is about to hit the United States. Hurricane Florence makes no exception. In order to prevent a wave of insurance claims, insurance companies do no longer issue coverage after the hurricane's trajectory and evolution was determined.

People living in areas with a higher chance of being hit by hurricanes are charged extra. The risk profile of the region will determine the comprehensive coverage costs.  Typically, people living in coastal areas pay more.   

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