Motivational Speaker and Stroke Survivor Jeff Kagan Now Available to Speak at Company Meetings

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Jeff Kagan has begun speaking on what he has learned of the power we all have inside to fight and to win. He inspires audiences with powerful ideas learned through years of stroke recovery.

Jeff KAGAN, Industry Analyst

Jeff Kagan inspires audiences with powerful ideas he learned through several years of stroke recovery. Kagan speaks at business meetings, sales meetings, strategy meetings and more.

Inspire meetings with messages from Jeff Kagan who is now available to give keynote speeches and motivational speeches on the strength and power every person already has inside to fight and win.

Kagan says, “Its time to supercharge yourself. If you can fight and win your life back after stroke, then you can certainly win against your competitors and play at the top of your game. Trust me, I have learned this powerful lesson. You can too.”

Kagan was at the top of the game as a very successful and most frequently quoted industry analyst following wireless, telecom, Internet and technology.

Then driving to a family vacation, Jeff Kagan had a stroke that instantly changed his life. That was ten years ago. Today, after years of hard work and recovery, Kagan is back.

Today Kagan is once again at the top of the game. Kagan is one of the best known and most often quoted industry analyst, speaker and author. Please visit the web page for more information.

“Through years of stroke recovery, I have learned key lessons about the power of our brain and our mind. I have learned about recovery and about getting better and stronger even when a part of your brain dies. I have learned about rising to the top,” says Jeff Kagan.

Kagan has written two books on stroke recovery called Life After Stroke: On the Road to Recovery, and Stroke of Insight: Thoughts from One Survivor to Another.

Kagan’s third book on stroke recovery and inspiration will be published this spring.

Through writing these books, Kagan has received countless phone calls and emails from other stroke survivors sharing stories and looking for advice and strength for the fight.

“It is truly inspiring to me when people turn to me for answers and advice. I am not a stroke expert. I just had one and lived to tell about it. However I learned so much about the power of the brain and recovery. If I can share anything of value with others, it makes me happy,” says Kagan.

In the presentation, Kagan talks about his story. Also about other positive and life changing stories learned and learned from others over this last decade of recovery.

Kagan now shares this information with business groups to help them rise above the competition and win.

“Winning is not as hard as we make it out to be. It’s actually quite easy. All you have to do is want it more than anything else and the secrets will reveal themselves to you,” says Kagan.

“Right now, we all have the power inside us to be a winner. We can all be the best at what we do and we can rise to the top. And to tell you the truth, it’s easy with a positive attitude, a regular smile, and work. But if you love what you are aiming for, work is fun. Work is play. This is one of the important keys that everyone should know,” says Kagan.

If you would like to have Jeff Kagan speak and inspire at your upcoming meeting, please contact to discuss. Kagan offers a very positive and inspirational take on how all of us can become better and stronger and how we all have that power inside us right now.

About Jeff Kagan

Jeff Kagan is a stroke survivor for nearly 11 years. He is also a husband, father and son to an incredible family.

Over the last 25 years Kagan is been a wireless analyst, telecom industry analyst, technology industry analyst, consultant, columnist, author, keynote speaker and futurist.

He offers comment to reporters as they contact him on the stories they are working on. He writes weekly columns, writes daily press releases and gives speeches at industry meetings and conferences.

Contact: Jeff Kagan by email at jeff(at)jeffKAGAN(dot)com or by phone at 770-579-5810.

Visit his website: at to learn more.

Twitter: Follow him at @jeffkagan

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