Jump on Board with Billy’s Boomboxing Board, by Equbic

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Backed by Billy Blanks, the founder of Tae Bo, Billy’s Boomboxing Board is a step board mini-trampoline hybrid that provides the perfect platform to make your workouts lower-impact.

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This board is one of the most exciting fitness products I’ve seen in all my years in the industry. Its versatility makes it perfect for anyone looking for a great workout, no matter their starting fitness level.

Exercising on hard, solid surfaces can be extremely difficult on joints and old injuries. For cardio, people often try to mitigate this by running on softer surfaces, such as on a treadmill that has built-in shock absorption, or on a high-school track that’s made of a rubber composite. Why not be able to have shock-absorption benefits with a step platform too? With Billy’s Boomboxing Board, a fun, more versatile, and lower-impact step-based workout is now possible. Backed by Billy Blanks (the creator of Tae Bo), Billy’s Boomboxing Board officially launches on Kickstarter today as the perfect, multi-purpose step platform- for both home and gym use.

Whether working at a standing desk, warming up before a workout session, performing high-intensity plyometric exercises, or gently rehabilitating injuries, Billy’s Boomboxing Board provides the perfect platform to cushion the impact on joints and provide a stable surface for each activity. Billy’s Boomboxing Board is the only air-spring exercise board that provides the benefits of both a traditional step board and a mini-trampoline in one single platform.

“Exercise should be fun and exciting,” said Billy Blanks. “This board is one of the most exciting fitness products I’ve seen in all my years in the industry. Its versatility makes it perfect for anyone looking for a great workout, no matter their starting fitness level.”

Billy’s Boomboxing Board was expertly designed to provide a safe, stable platform. Opting for a square design, pressure on the 4 air-spring legs is equalized. There’s also plenty of room for foot placement while using the board for a variety of functions. Air springs in each corner of the board provide the right amount of instability to improve balance without increasing the risk of falls. Amazingly, the 4 legs also provide an incredible core workout simply due to the recoil produced during the rebound of a jump/step on the board. Exercises such as running in place, performing jump squats, or doing jumping jacks on Billy’s Boomboxing Board are now accessible to a much wider range of fitness participants due to the superior shock absorption and gentle cushioning provided for one’s ankles, knees, hips, and lower back.

Tested at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, workouts using Billy’s Boomboxing Board will increase coordination, endurance, balance, and self-stabilization all while being gentle on the body’s joints. Beyond exercise, Billy’s Boomboxing Board offers multi-functionality not found in other fitness step platforms. The board also doubles as perhaps the best standing platform possible for an upright workstation/standing desk, and the board is currently being used for many types of exercise- including physical therapy exercises- by fighters at a world-renowned Mixed-Martial Arts (MMA) performance center.

Billy’s Boomboxing Board weighs only 14.4 pounds (with the legs attached). The 2.5’ x 2.5’ board stands six inches off the ground, supported by 4 air-spring legs, which are quickly and easily removed or re-assembled for those who wish to store it away under a bed or in a closet. Billy’s Boomboxing Board is available starting at only $119, or a 60% discount from future retail prices at pr.go2.fund/billyboard.

About Equbic Product Company
The Equbic Product Company (EPC) has designed and perfected this revolutionary, low-impact fitness platform. EPC has refined the board extensively- through analyzing feedback from testing it with people of all ages, fitness levels, and sports backgrounds- to ensure that no matter what the use, the board will provide a safe, secure, and highly-effective workout. EPC believes that fitness routines should be fun, and also part of a broader lifestyle. With that in mind, Billy’s Boomboxing Board is perfect for any gym, home, or office workstation. For more information, please visit: https://producthype.co/billys-boomboxing-board/.

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