Karen Lucchesi Is Named Chief Executive Officer Of Contagion Control Solutions

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Karen Lucchesi was named CEO for Contagion Control Solutions, a company offering multiple delivery options and non-toxic, EPA-approved sanitizing solutions for transportation, schools, stadiums, and commercial properties.

Contagion Control Solutions announced today that Karen Lucchesi is now the company's new CEO. The company also announced its new ULV Mist Cold Fogger technology to spray a non-toxic, EPA-approved solution via micron-sized particles to disinfect and sanitize surfaces quickly. Using hypochlorous acid (HOCL), the company’s solutions are non-toxic, safe, eco-friendly, and effective at rapidly disinfecting and drying surfaces (within 25 feet of the ULV Cold Mist Fogger) which are accessible to large groups of people. The company helps property owners and managers simultaneously save money and time and minimize health risks to their employees, patients, customers, residents, and others safe from viruses and bacteria.

Karen Lucchesi said, “Based on our backgrounds in alternative medicine, we recognized a need for safe, effective, cost-effective and robust sanitizing option for our customers. The challenge was to find an option that was not toxic to humans or animals for all forms of properties such as nursing homes, schools, airplanes, trains, leasing offices, franchise locations, and buildings where large numbers of people will be present in a short period. Our company decided on using a Hypochlorous acid (HOCL)-based solution, which is FDA approved, EPA-approved, safe for use around people’s eyes, sanitizes with just one application, and is non-toxic.”

Lucchesi indicated that her concern about commercial sanitizers was confirmed recently where she and her colleagues noticed airlines using spraying and fogging solutions that are toxic to humans and, simultaneously, likely to have caused damage plastics and other aircraft interiors materials. She believes that such sanitizing solutions and sprays, in order to meet new health mandates, actually can harm both individuals’ health as well as corporations’ profits alike; and that is why the company decided to pursue safe, cost-effective options to meet the needs of both customers and companies’ profits.

The company also announced its focus on stadiums, arenas and other public venues. Citing her background in working in professional baseball (Karen is the daughter of former MLB manager Frank Lucchesi), Lucchesi expressed her intent to help athletes, team staff and reporters to be safe during this era of Coronavirus and COVID-19. One of the company’s products includes a piece of equipment, akin to an airport screening area, where athletes can walk through and be sprayed with the non-toxic sanitizing fog solution. This way athletes and their equipment can be safely and quickly sanitized before and after they are on the playing field or court.

Company officials also indicated that they are working closely with school districts to help with “fogging” (sanitizing with the non-toxic nanoparticles) buses quickly and efficiently. The goal is to make it easier for bus drivers and bus maintenance staff to not have to spend inordinate amounts of time, and risk of injury, manually wiping down the interiors of buses. Continuing its work with school districts, the company also is offering solutions to improve student and staff safety with equipment for fogging gyms, classrooms and other educational building areas.

Lucchesi indicated that HOCL-based sanitizers benefit all relevant parties because the chemical is naturally-occurring in the human body, destroys some pathogens in less than a minute, meets OSHA Bloodborne pathogen guidelines, and meets AOAC efficacy testing requirements for hospital disinfection. She said that the ULV Cold Mist Fogger breaks the HOCL solution into nanoparticles and sprays the “fog” onto surfaces and in the air where most transmission occurs. The mist then disinfects the surfaces and dries within seconds. The company also has other disinfection mechanisms such as multi-function disinfecting robots and walkthrough gates/screening instruments, including temperature checks, safety kits, hand soap/sanitizer dispensers, and more.

Company officials emphasized the use of its EPA and FDA approved chemicals to help those who are deemed to be vulnerable populations such as elderly in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. While the current emphasis is on sanitizing to remove the risks of Coronavirus and COVID-19, company officials emphasized that its non-toxic solutions will sanitize other health concerns such as MRSA – all done without toxic chemicals frequently found to be used in current building and public transportation sanitizing efforts. The company also indicated that its HOCL-based product line quickly addresses sanitizing and disinfecting needs for over 30 kinds of viruses and bacteria, some as quickly as 15 seconds, and those are addressed in detail on the company's Clinical Information page:


Here is the link from the EPA website approving Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL): https://www.epa.gov/newsreleases/epa-takes-action-assure-availability-disinfectant-products-use-against-novel

Interested parties may discover more about Contagion Control Solutions through its website. Media inquiries may contact Karen Lucchesi at the information contained at the bottom of this release.

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