Bed Bugs Scaring NY Department of Financial Services Employees, My Cleaning Products Suggests a Pesticide-Exempt Spray to Kill Bed Bugs and Prevent Their Return

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Bed bugs reported in New York State's Department of Financial Services. My Cleaning Products suggested a pesticide-exempt spray to help anxious employees kill bed bugs right away in case they bring them home to their houses.

Considering that Bed Bug Bully has already been proven effective by hotels, hospital and even pest-control companies... it's the best bed bug spray the public could purchase.

Bed bugs were getting the employees of the Department of Financial Services in New York State anxious over their presence. A report from gave out the details of it on November 14, 2013. In response to it, My Cleaning Products suggested the use of a pesticide-exempt product to help the staff and other victims kill bed bugs at once.

Based on the report, two of the department's employees already came out and stated they were bitten by those crawlies, My Cleaning Products shared. One of them, it detailed, even caught one bed bug as a proof of the pests' presence. The rest, it added, were scared they might bring them to their houses.

This bed bug case though, according to the report, wasn't the first time for the agency, relayed MCP. It elaborated that earlier this year, it also had to deal with the same problem before new employees were moved from 25 Beaver St. to the building.

However, regarding the recent bed bug sighting, as relayed in the news, DFS spokesman Matt Anderson stated there were just two bed bug cases recorded and there was no evidence that there was an infestation in the office, MCP related. He added though that the department took the necessary steps and would continue to do until the problem is resolved.

Meanwhile, employees were not satisfied of the agency's response, said MCP. It related that they would rather have the whole building cleaned from pests all at once.

Below is a part of the post Bed Bugs Sighted in NY department of Financial Services by My Cleaning Products.

“Bed bugs found a way into New York's Department of Financial Services. And needless to say, they were causing quite a stir among the employees.

But this bed bug problem wasn't actually unique to the building. Earlier this year, before the transfer of some employees from 25 Beaver St, the critters were already troubling the department. Senior Insurance Examiner Ademola Oluwo showed a memo proving that.”

Bed bugs could re-infest a place for various reasons, My Cleaning Products said. One of them, it cited, is not making sure that even their eggs are eliminated. And so, it advised everyone to be always keen when implementing their bed bug treatment.

Moreover, MCP stated that everyone must also ensure to use a product that could kill bed bugs in all stages. If not, it said that their eggs and young will cause the same problem in just a few months’ time.

Considering that Bed Bug Bully has already been proven effective by hotels, hospital and even pest-control companies, it asserted that it's the best bed bug spray the public could purchase. It assured that it could eliminate those critters quick.

As a bonus, it also pointed out that it is organic-based and is even on the list of EPA's FIFRA 25(b) pesticide-exempt list. With that, it said that everyone could rest assured of its safety and effectiveness.

But to truly prove its advantages, the company announced that it was also giving out Complimentary Samples of Bed Bug Bully. Anyone who wants to test it could get one at, it shared.

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