Lauren Irwin-Szostak on Driving Performance with High-Feeling and High-Thinking Behaviors

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Lauren Irwin-Szostak, founder and president of Business Processes Redefined, LLC, on Driving Performance with High-Feeling and High-Thinking Behaviors

In the business world, it is essential to have a fair blend of high feeling and high thinking. These two qualities allow a leader to make decisions that don’t just benefit the company but benefit the workforce as well. By utilizing both personality traits, a leader has the opportunity to connect with people and grow relationships that are rational for the workforce and the company at large.

“I am a high feeler but have the ability to be a solid thinker too,” said Lauren Irwin-Szostak, founder and president of Business Processes Redefined, LLC. “Blending the rational logic of a high-thinker with the emotional support of a high-feeler has proven to be an advantage in fostering professional growth with employees.”

This powerful combination has helped Lauren open the doors to many business opportunities and has afforded her the chance to connect with her employees on a more than just a professional level.

Thinking and feeling are decision-making functions that we utilize every day. If someone identifies more as a feeler personality type, this means that they make decisions on an individual basis in a subjective manner that’s centered around what they believe to be right in alignment with their own values. Conversely, a thinker personality type will make decisions in a rational and impartial manner that stems from what they believe to be fair and correct based on predefined rules of behavior. When someone identifies as a “feeler”, they still use their logic and rational thinking to make decisions but lean more towards their personal feelings about a situation. The opposite is the case for the “thinker” as they will keep feelings in the back of their mind when making a decision but focus on using their logic and rational thinking foremost.

Leaders can use high-thinking to profile situations while they can use high-feeling to understand how to communicate with employees and understand their problems, anxieties or goals. Utilizing this strategy will drive employee performance, bolster employee trust, and reduce employee burnout.

“We call on leaders to solve problems but the instruments they have to do so are their employees,” said Lauren Irwin-Szostak. “This means that people need to be well versed both in forging solutions as well as securing buy-in from a team and that all members are comfortable and prepared to take on their tasks.”

A great leader will be able to recognize that simply relieving the employee of their position won’t eliminate the problem altogether. If this arises, one can utilize the thinking personality type by addressing the situation and actively looking for a solution. Infusing the “thinker” mindset with parts of a “feeler” decision-making process, such as being empathetic and recognizing that employees are also important to the success of a business, will go a long way in making a smart decision that takes into account all aspects of the situation.

Using both of these personality types will allow leaders to keep their company’s bottom line of customer satisfaction and overall success within reach at all times and will allow employees to feel that they are viewed as integral cogs in their machine of business.


Lauren Irwin-Szostak is the founder and president of Business Processes Redefined, LLC (BPR) located in Fairfield, NJ. Lauren has launched many companies prior to the founding of BPR, including Strategic Advantage Associates Inc. (SAA), a holding company in the receivables management industry, and NCB Inc, a full-service collection agency. Lauren served as the central legal manager for Capital Credit Corporation where she managed collection litigation for all branch offices across the nation. Through her extensive career path, Lauren has covered a variety of professional services. Lauren’s approach to business is built upon pillars of mutual respect and positivity between her and her colleagues. At BPR, Lauren Irwin-Szostak focuses on being “all about each other.” This mindset has driven individual and collective success at each step of her career and, in turn, delivered higher levels of success for her clients.

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