Law Enforcement & Fitness Training Join Forces On Front Line Battle Against COVID-19

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Hoboken Officer Marc Marsi & International Fitness Coach Kevin Kearns Fight Pandemic with Public Safety Sharon Kleyne Talk Radio. Nature’s Tears® EyeMist® Trade Secret pH-Balanced Water Sponsors Power of Water® Water Life Science® Sharon Kleyne VoiceAmerica.

Sharon Kleyne, Bio Logic Aqua® Research Founder

Sharon Kleyne, Bio Logic Aqua® Research Founder

Police officer Marc Marsi and international fitness coach Kevin Kearns know that public safety during the COVID-19 pandemic begins with training to meet any emergency on the front lines.

That’s why international fitness coach Kevin Kearns is tirelessly on the road offering free fitness training and certification programs to military and law enforcement everywhere. “If they cover my travel expenses, I’ll be there,” says Kearns, who considers his efforts his way of contributing to the physical and mental health of the country as it tries to rebound from COVID-19.

Kearns and Marsi agree that much preparation begins in the home. Marsi and Kearns met with Sharon Kleyne, host of the internationally syndicated The Power of Water® & Your Health sponsored by FDA approved Nature's Tears® EyeMist®, naturally pH balanced water technology for acid mantle protection, on VoiceAmerica World Talk Radio & Apple iTunes, to educate listeners about law enforcement’s involvement in public safety and the need for better physical fitness and diet awareness.

In her Commentary, Kleyne shares a story about catching the 1957 Asian flu that killed 70,000 to 116,000 people in the U.S. “I was the only person in my family to get it,” says Kleyne, “and you know what? They didn’t close down companies. They didn’t close down families. We’ve got to realize that COVID-19 that has multiple strains and passes from person to person,” teaches Kleyne. “No two people are alike. There are no two eyes alike, no two skins alike, and everyone evaporates differently. We’re being a little ignorant and illiterate about all the people working behind the scenes to defeat the virus. We have to stay calm!”

Klyene wonders what’s going on out there with the police. “Police have to work, like our soldiers, first responders, caregivers and firemen,” says Kleyne. “They have to stay on the job, or else you will be living in a cave. I want you to be openminded and have common sense. We have to stay calm and get those kids back to school, to get them healthy. Parents need to get back to work to pay the bills. I have to say that when someone says they don’t understand how serious this is, I say that’s an insult to all the people working around the clock on the front lines and behind the scenes to help us live our lives.”

Kleyne asks Kearns how he is working on the front lines. “I’ve got forty years in martial arts and 30 years in nutrition fitness,” says Kearns. “I’ve worked with law enforcement and the military. I worked with the Secret Service, with peacekeepers in Afghanistan and I reach out to others like the garbage man. What about the people at Starbucks? So many people are forgotten.” Kearns offers free and deeply discounted virtual fitness training to members of all military branches, as well as to schools and local communities.

Marsi actually grew up in Hoboken, New Jersey. Kleyne asks if he wanted to be a policeman when he was a little boy. “No,” says Marsi, “I became a police officer accidentally. I have a degree in political science and economics with a minor in finance. I began in law enforcement in 1992. It started out as a job but quickly became a vocation.”

Kleyne asks when the turning point for Marsi came if he felt compelled to help out.

“Absolutely, Sharon,” says Marsi. “In my opinion, it was my civic duty.”

Kleyne asks about the various branches of law enforcement. “There’s the sheriff’s department, the state police and the community or local police. What’s it like out there now?”

“We discovered in the 70s,” says Marsi, “that the beat patrol officer got to know the members of the community through community outreach and Police Athletic League. We work with kids through DARE Program. Especially in the inner city,” says Marsi, community involvement is essential.” Marci also points out that most community policing is done by the local police departments.

“Marc,” asks Kleyne, “tell us about the health of police officers now during COVID-19. What’s going on out there? I really want to get into the children.”

“We do have a school bureau here,” Marsi says, “so we’ve been working hard to get back to some semblance of normalcy. I would crawl across broken glass for my children, but now we’re forced to be locked up with them. Both parents and children can be pushed to levels of frustration that we’ve never seen before. That’s where police are most proactive because things can get out of hand really fast.”

Kearns agrees. In his area he’s witnessed an increase in suicides, attempted suicide and other mental health issues. “Kids need to get dirty to build immunity. What do we do? We are locking people up. It’s prison. As Matthew McConaughey says ‘break a sweat every day.

Kleyne, Kearns and Marsi agree that the country needs to get people back to churches, rehab, AA and other opportunities because, as Marsi says, “nothing replaces human interaction”.

“Change starts in the home,” adds Kearns.

“Take care of our children,” Marsi concludes. “They are our future. If you have bad kids, unless there’s a serious mental issue there, look no further than the parents; if you have good, respectful kids, look no further than the parents.”

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Air Date: 2 November 2020

Guest: Officer Marc Marsi, veteran law enforcement officer, Hoboken Police Department, patrolman and narcotics detective; President of the BDA. & Kevin Kearns, master fitness coach, creator of the "Burn with Kearns System", "Kids Growing Up Strong", "Fit as Fighters", and "MMA Fighter Fit." Columnist for Train magazine, Fitness Trainer online HWRK magazine, and Anti bullying author of over 200 Articles.

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