Leading Barcode Software creates barcodes using fonts on SQL Server T-SQL, .NET Core 3.0, and Blazor

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ConnectCode introduces high quality barcode creation using fonts on SQL Server T-SQL, .NET Core 3.0, and Blazor.

EAN13 and UPCA barcode with Serif and Sans Serif Typeface

EAN13 and UPCA barcode with Serif and Sans Serif Typeface

ConnectCode, a world leading provider of barcode fonts and software, today announced the release of a new version (v11.5) of ConnectCode Barcode Fonts and Software. This version introduces high quality barcode creation using fonts on SQL Server T-SQL, .NET Core 3.0, and Blazor.

The new version provides a .NET Core 3.0 compliant barcode library available as a standalone DLL (Dynamic Link Library) in the package and in nuget.org. This DLL enables developers to easily create barcodes using fonts in all the different .NET Core cross-platform scenarios such as ASP.NET Core web apps, command-line apps, libraries, WinForms, Windows Presentation Framework, and Universal Windows Platform apps. It is worth noting that creating barcodes using fonts is a well-known practice in the auto-id industry for generating barcodes of the highest quality that adhere strictly to the industry specifications. More information on the .NET Core Barcode library is available at:


A tutorial on how to use the .NET Core Barcode library in an ASP.NET Core project is available below:


Moreover, the .NET Core Barcode Library also supports Blazor, the latest WebAssembly based front-end web application framework created by Microsoft.


The latest version of ConnectCode Barcode Software and Fonts package also comes bundled with T-SQL Barcode Functions (Scalar Functions) to help SQL Server and SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services) developers create high quality barcodes using fonts. The barcode T-SQL functions perform tasks of validating input data, adding check characters and the necessary start/stop characters. More information on how to create barcodes in SQL Server using the T-SQL functions can be found below:


Besides .NET Core, T-SQL and Blazor, ConnectCode Barcode Fonts and Software package also supports the creation of barcodes on a wide variety of tools and platforms such as Angular, Excel, Office Custom Functions, Access, Crystal Reports, Word, Office 365 Add-In, React, Polymer, WebAssembly, Emscripten, PowerBuilder, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Reporting Services, Report Builder, SQL Server Data Tools, JavaScript, HTML5, Typescript, jQuery, Command Prompt, Oracle PL/SQL, Microsoft Azure Cloud, and Barcode & Label app. The Barcode & Label app is a What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get label software that provides all commonly used labeling capabilities such as Label Templating, Serialized Counters, Print-Time Input, Excel (or CSV) data printing, and People's app integration.

Installers for Windows, Mac and Linux versions of the barcode software and fonts are available for companies on hybrid environment. A silent installer for enterprise deployment is also available upon request.

Traditionally, ConnectCode Barcode Software and Fonts package comes bundled with fonts that support the creation of all commonly used linear barcodes. This includes the UPCA barcode and the EAN13 barcode in both the Standard (without human readable text) and Extended Style (with human readable text in Serif Typeface) formats. With feedback gathered from graphics designers over the years, the new version has over 20 new fonts that support the Extended Style EAN13 and UPCA barcode with Sans-Serif typeface and blank/empty typeface. The Sans-Serif typeface based UPCA and EAN13 barcode fonts provide graphics designers with more flexibility in matching their font choices to their retail package design while the blank/empty typeface based fonts goes a step further in enabling graphics designers to use their own custom font for the human readable text.

The EAN13 and UPCA barcodes with the different typeface are shown in the attached screenshot.

Barcode Fonts Format PostScript (Type 1)
Web Open Font Format (WOFF)
Web Open Font Format 2.0 (WOFF2)

System Requirements
256 MB RAM
100 MB of Disk Space

Windows 7, 8 or 10
Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2012, 2016 or 2019

OS X 10.6-10.15
macOS Sierra (or Later)

Ubuntu Linux 18.04 (or later)
RedHat Enterprise Linux 8.0 (or later)
Debian Linux 9.0 (or later)


Web site

Product Information

Linux Companion Package

Barcode & Label app (requires Windows 10)

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