LEAP is World’s Smallest Global Tracker

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The Team that Does the Impossible Unveils Location-Aware, Anytime-Anywhere Compact Autonomous Sensor ArrayAccessing Cell or Satellite, LEAP Features Four Programmable Personalities via iOS and Android

LEAP is World’s Smallest Global Tracker

Innowave (https://www.innowave.co/), a leader in IoT design, miniaturization and certification, today presented the newest satellite connectivity technology of its LEAP miniature trackers — the world’s smallest — suitable for enterprise, commercial and personal use. Also on hand was the LEAP LTE Cat-M1 and NB-IoT, the world’s smallest cellular tracker. Innowave, which has signed a distribution deal with Grace Digital, and will be launching its Kickstarter campaign after CES, is at booth 53161 in Eureka Park, Hall G, in the Sands Expo, at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nev.

Protected by 10 U.S. patents, LEAP is an autonomous, location-aware, anytime-anywhere compact wearable with four distinct programmable personalities. Innowave’s patented CASA™ architecture for ultra-low power operation yields battery life that can last for months. Compatible with Android and iOS, it features dual connectivity ability. LEAP-Cellular utilizes low-power LTE roaming based on signal strength and is already 5G ready. If the user is out of cellular range, LEAP-Satellite is the device to choose, using a network of low Earth orbit, L-band satellites to ensure connectivity, no matter how remote the location.

“We wanted to design consumer products that could be useful and improve people’s lives,” said co-founder Dr. Pragash Sangaran. “This required smaller, smarter, lighter, less expensive technology to be developed. This opens the door for new use cases and applications for the product. We specialize in miniaturizing circuits, antennas and products, designing products with longer battery life, and in producing co-located, multi-technology wireless devices that meet stringent regulatory requirements. In short, we are the team which does the impossible.”

Out-of-the-box functionality includes four preset personalities in the basic app. “GEOFENCE” sends out a message and location whenever LEAP has entered or left a specific area. Use-case examples include an escaped pet with a LEAP device attached to its collar, a tagged animal going into or out of a wildlife sanctuary, or an Alzheimer’s disease sufferer wandering away from a home or care facility. “PROXIMITY” works in conjunction with other IoT devices, such as smartphones. Attach LEAP to keys, purse or backpack and it alerts the user when he or she gets too far away.

“ACTIVITY” lets LEAP sense any motion, including acceleration, and even senses low-level vibrations. Use-case examples include LEAP attached to a remote machine sending a signal if the equipment fails, LEAP attached to a vehicle and sending a signal if it starts moving without being in range of the owner’s smartphone, or even sending a signal when the vehicle hasn’t moved for a while, such as a parked car in a large lot or garage. The final personality, “A-OK,” sends out a message or other data from a Bluetooth-connected device to LEAP and then to any network-connected device, even without cell reception. Take LEAP when hiking, driving offroad or sailing (both LEAPs have waterproof ratings of IP67), and never go missing again. LEAP also can be programmed by third -party apps using their various personalities.

“We started with satellite technology and improved upon a large-form-factor satellite transmitter,” said co-founder and entrepreneur Kenneth Margon. “Once we built the prototype, we went back to the satellite company and demonstrated it because we needed access to their satellite constellation. We decided to provide the full platform and concentrate on low-cost, small-data plans in the order of megabytes, not gigabytes, since IoT devices don’t need the high speed and large data transfer capabilities which are only needed for streaming content.”

A lifelong inventor, Margon has registered more than 70 patents, ranging from location-based services to over-the-air protocols, which have been cited more than 700 times in other patents. Founder and CTO of Embedded Wireless Labs, he has incubated numerous companies, including taking one, Cape Range Wireless, public. Business partner Sangaran holds a PhD in radio frequency and microwave engineering.

Both the satellite and cellular LEAPs are scheduled to be in the marketplace in Q2 2020. For more information, including information about third-party app development, visit Innowave at booth 53161 in Eureka Park, Hall G, in the Sands Expo, online at https://www.innowave.co or call 510-866-7283.

Innowave is at the leading edge of design innovations in smaller, smarter and longer-lasting connected devices. Founded in 2015 with a deep knowledge of embedded systems, RF and mechanical design, we specialize in miniaturizing circuits and products, designing products with longer battery life, and producing co-located, multi-technology wireless devices which meet regulatory requirements. With a host of patented innovations in wireless technologies, Innowave is pioneering a new breed of IoT products for LPWAN and direct-to-orbit (satellite) uses. Our products and services encompass wireless, multi-technology wearable designs and certifications. For more information, call 510-866-7283, email info@innowave.co or visit https://www.innowave.co/.

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