Link Between Severe COVID-19 Symptoms and Gum Disease Underlines Need for Patients to Practice Strict Dental Hygiene, says A-Z Dental Care

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West Covina-based A-Z Dental Care comments on a recent article that the benefits of good dental hygiene range from a healthy smile to further protecting oneself from debilitating illnesses.

The dental office provides care to patients of all ages and from throughout the San Gabriel Valley area.

The coronavirus is just the latest of many serious health conditions that have been associated with illnesses of the gums

A February 3 article on Medical Xpress reports on a study conducted by the European Federation of Periodontology (EFP) that found patients with periodontal disease are over three times as likely to suffer from severe symptoms of COVID-19 compared to those with healthy gums. Additionally, the study found that patients were 4.5 times more likely to need a ventilator and nine times more likely to die from the virus. According to the article, the exact nature of the link between coronavirus and gum disease is not fully understood but the early hypothesis is that elevated rates of inflammation could be to blame. The head of the EFP notes that increased inflammation in the mouth “may open the door for coronavirus becoming more violent.” Inflammation that occurs as a result of gum disease is known to spread throughout the body, possibly providing COVID-19 with easy access to other systems. West Covina-based dental center A-Z Dental Care says that, even with an end to the crisis apparently on the horizon, the notion that gum disease can worsen coronavirus is just one more of a great many good reasons for patients to practice excellent dental hygiene especially. This is especially true since the coronavirus is just the latest of many serious health conditions that have been associated with illnesses of the gums, says the dental office.

A-Z Dental Care says that the best way for individuals to prevent gum disease is to thoroughly brush their teeth after every meal and floss regularly. Moreover, the center says individuals should be diligent in attending regular dental checkups to make sure that everything is in order and that no ailments are quietly developing. The center notes that even if patients feel as if nothing is wrong, some ailments can progress with little warning and even affect other parts of the body, threatening the patient’s overall health. However, A-Z Dental Care says that when individuals regularly attend dental appointments, their dentist is likely to spot early signs of gum disease. They can prescribe an effective treatment, often including deep cleaning (aka root planing and scaling) before the issues have a chance to cause significant harm, saving patients pain, discomfort, and financial costs, all the while protecting their general wellbeing.

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