LL Corpus Cogere, Inc. Announces RehabWell: MINI CLINIC ™ Installation at Wells House of California, Inc., Long Beach CA

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LL Corpus Cogere, Inc. announces the installation of the RehabWell: MINI CLINIC ™ at the Wells House of California, Inc. in Long Beach, California. This physical and occupational therapy equipment is the company’s flagship product featuring innovative, evidence-based, and cost-effective rehabilitation and wellness services to assisted living, nursing, congregate living, and similar residential healthcare facilities.

"Our competitive advantage is that LL Corpus solutions have substantial cross-over appeal for several healthcare fields, including physical therapy, sports medicine, fitness, occupational therapy for use at all types of healthcare facilities and in-home settings “ said Kevin M. O'Sullivan, co-founde

LL Corpus Cogere, Inc. announced today the installation of its new-age RehabWell: MINI CLINIC ™ (MINI CLINIC) at the Wells House of California in Long Beach, CA (Wells House). The equipment is a small foot-print integrated (hardware and software) physical and occupational therapy rehabilitation and wellness solution for use by ambulatory and non-ambulatory patients to recover from neurologic and orthopedic conditions and improve quality-of-life for wellness patients.

The Wells House is one of the few residential community-based nursing facilities licensed by the California Department of Public Health as a congregate living health facility (CLHF). This bold move by Wells House will redefine the resident care approach in Los Angeles County (CA) assisted living settings whatever state of patient health or physical condition.

The MINI CLINIC provides physical and occupational rehabilitation for Wells House residents as prescribed by a physician. The equipment enables treatments to:

  • Debilitated residents due to illness and hospitalization, from initial evaluation to discharge.
  • Independent residents, they can now enjoy Pilates, yoga, and high-level standing balance exercises without leaving the facility and enjoying the comforts of /privacy in their own home.

The MINI CLINIC provides components that support:

  • Post-surgical patients progress from non-weight bearing to partial to full weight-bearing status within rehabilitation programs.
  • Wheelchairs users to conduct weight-bearing, pressure relief, and strengthening exercises.
  • Elderly patients, and all age individuals, with chronic disabilities, perform customized wellness programs.
  • Special needs children, in school environments, perform fine motor, cognitive, and coordination exercises.
  • Amputees and individuals, with loss of limb, engage in rehabilitation and wellness exercises without fear of falling.
  • Occupational therapy patients perform fine motor, eye-hand coordination, and cognitive training and dynamic balance and proprioception focusing on activities of daily living (ADLs).

The MINI CLINIC promotes the industry-recognized “weight-bearing” concept, which is essential in building muscle strength, balance, coordination, and proprioception unequivocally supporting medical principles and laws of science, such as Wolff’s Law, and the Overload, SAID, and Reversibility Principles. The key components that accentuate the intelligence of the equipment include the crucial patient data and details captured with body sensors and video for improved clinical evaluation and treatment outcomes.

The MINI CLINIC, US Patent pending, was conceived and designed by LL Corpus and engineered and industrialized by Star Knowledge Technology Alliance Team, LLC, with offices in Florida, USA, and Mysore, India.

Kevin M. O'Sullivan, co-founder, president, and CEO of LL Corpus, stated: "Our competitive advantage is that LL Corpus solutions have substantial cross-over appeal for several healthcare fields, including physical therapy, sports medicine, fitness, occupational therapy for use at all types of healthcare facilities and in-home settings."

LL Corpus is uniquely positioned to support improved patient outcomes with a Holistic Rehabilitation Approach (HRA) that entails consideration of patients' over-all lifestyle, including mental, physical, and medical conditions. We view physical rehabilitation as no longer a treatment of individual impairments or receipt of passive "fix its." The outcome of our HRA will enable patients to experience more effective healing of their entire human state.

"The MINI CLINIC is the first of our smart rehabilitation devices that we will be introducing over the next few years. The key features of these products are the real-time collection and processing of patient data captured with body sensors and video for improved clinical evaluation to arrive at objective, measurable and sustainable outcomes," said Louise T. Lontoc, co-founder and executive vice president of LL Corpus.

Ms. Josie Jones, executive director of Wells House, stated: "I am optimistic that the Wells House, will operate in a proactive, interactive, rehabilitative and wellness environment with the use of the Mini Clinic to promote quality of life and continuity of care for our residents."

ABOUT LL Corpus Cogere, Inc. (LL Corpus)

LL Corpus, headquartered in Pompano Beach Florida, founded by Kevin M. O'Sullivan and Louise T. Lontoc, is a healthcare business focused on developing new-age rehabilitation solutions. Key areas of focus include:

INNOVATIVE EQUIPMENT DESIGN: Revolutionize the traditional technical and rehabilitation approach to treating neurological and orthopedic disorders to achieve:

  • Ensure patient safety.
  • Evidence-based results captured digitally positive treatment outcomes.
  • Enriched patient ‘Quality of Life.’

CUTTING-EDGE TECHNOLOGY PURSUIT: Expand physical and occupational therapist productivity with innovative computer and documentation handling, thus, improving patient treatment time and therapist hands-on skills and techniques.

PIONEERING HOMEBOUND TREATMENT APPROACHES: Supply cost-effective telemedicine services to patients in home settings centering on the improvement of their total physical, emotional, and mental conditions.

LL Corpus' innovative new age physical therapy equipment and solutions support patient rehabilitation treatments in medical facilities and at home. As technology continually pervades the medical arena, LL Corpus' design philosophy is vested exclusively in an approach that all products include digital intelligence that encompasses device-specific computing capability, network connectivity via mobile, and integrated sensors and digital cameras. This design enables pre-set monitoring, real-time decision-making, and servicing of patients' vitals and body conditions during and after the use of equipment for therapeutic exercises.

About Star Knowledge Technology Alliance Team, LLC (Star Knowledge)

Star-Knowledge is a global engineering services provider that offers a consulting-led, integrated portfolio of Software Engineering and Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Services and Solutions. The organization, with offices in Florida and Mysore, India, is directed by professionals with Fortune 100 executive management experience and staffed with over 300 + years of accumulated business, engineering, and technical expertise engaged in complex and innovative software development and engineering projects. The company delivers real results to customer business and technical problems and opportunities, ensuring a level of certainty and professionalism unparalleled by competitors.

Star-Knowledge completes customer projects to approved business and technical requirements, on time, to a fixed budget with high quality (ISO 9001 certified). Our professional business and technical services are conducted within a structured methodology and supported by formal project management, development, and quality management governance policies and frameworks.

About Wells House of California, Inc. (Wells House)

Wells House of California, Inc. is a licensed congregate living health facility (CLHF) for patients with a terminal or life-threatening illness needing 24-hour skilled nursing and supportive care. Patient care is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through appropriate nursing and drug interventions, assistance with daily living tasks (bathing, grooming, dressing, etc.), healthy nutrition, enjoyable and stimulating activities, therapy services, social services and emotional support, all within a safe, comfortably furnished and home-like environment.

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