London hypnotherapist creates lockdown friendly hypnotherapy IBS programme

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Seeing a rise in IBS inquires, Jason Demant has created a pioneering programme to ease IBS pain and stress

Covid-19 Lockdown has been tough for many people suffering from Irritable bowl syndrome (IBS). Seeing a rise in inquires for IBS help, London hypnotherapist Jason Demant has created a unique hypnotherapy IBS programme. It’s medication free, safe and deliverable in a socially distanced way via online sessions or downloads.

The easing of restrictions didn’t ease the anxiety for many IBS sufferers

It is estimated that up to 20% of the population will experience some IBS symptoms. As lockdown restrictions began to ease, the public were able to go and visit shops and restaurants again. However, for many people, IBS began to feel like an invisible disability. When you are constantly worried about diarrhea and frequent toilet visits, you need easy access to public toilet facilities. However, even though shops and retail parks were open again, most did not have any suitable toilet facilities. This meant that many IBS sufferers remained home, unable to visit shops without toilet facilities. The anxiety of going to shopping was too high.

A hypnotherapy treatment for IBS symptoms

For several years, London hypnotherapist, Jason Demant has been using ‘Gut directed hypnotherapy’ to help people reduce their IBS symptoms. Covid-19 and its stresses has seen a rise in inquires. Jason explained that, “When lockdown started I had a number of calls from IBS suffers looking for a medication and socially distanced treatment to ease symptoms’.

Jason soon was emailing hypnosis mp3 recordings and when face to face session could resume, began again seeing people for IBS symptom reduction in London.

Jason added that he found that people wished to engage with hypnotherapy to also reduce new anxieties; Covid-19 created anxiety or to reduce the stresses and strains that the lockdown and also the easing of lockdown has created.

What is hypnotherapy?

Gut directed hypnotherapy, of course, uses hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy is a safe and relaxing way to create positive change. Hypnotherapy is a guided, relaxed state. Whilst in this gentle trance, the hypnotherapist will conduct different visualizations and use different techniques and tools to address whatever the person has come for. It is a form of therapy which is useful for all sorts of challenges and complaints. These can include phobias, addictions, pains, anxieties, or even overcoming traumatic experiences.

The gut has been called our ‘second brain’

Often the gut is referred to as a kind of second brain by many medical experts. This is because the gut is where we often will feel anxiety and stress.

Just think of phrases we use such as ‘having butterflies in the stomach’ or ‘feeling it in your guts’. We naturally view the digestive system as a place where we experience emotions. Many people feel their tummy go into ‘knots’ at a time of heightened anxiety. Our guts are the places where the effects of stress and anxiety can be felt and seen and where IBS symptoms can be most strongly expressed.

Jason Demant commented that during this time following lockdown, people are feeling more instability around work and home life and this contributes to IBS flare ups. “For many it’s been stress levels, job uncertainty, relationship strains, home schooling. This stress gets expressed in digestive issues, such as IBS. It's the gut or the stomach where that feeling of anxiety and the physical symptoms of bloating, cramping, pain are felt.”

For many people locked down has meant an increase of IBS symptoms, but also unfortunately new restrictions on seeing doctors, with many gastroenterologists stopping seeing patients face to face.

What is Gut directed Hypnotherapy?

Gut directed hypnotherapy is a research based and medication free way to reduce IBS pain, bloating and discomfort.
Gut directed hypnotherapy has been shown in clinical studies to be effective for both adults and children. Respected studies have been published about its effectiveness in both in the British Medical Journal and the Lancet. (See )

How does Gut directed hypnotherapy work?

Gut directed hypnotherapy is a wonderfully relaxing method to help reduce IBS symptoms. London hypnotherapist Jason Demant explained that IBS clients, in general, will attend sessions once a week. During these sessions, as well as hypnotherapy, symptoms will be discussed, which importantly centers on any emotional or psychological challenges that are important or relevant. For example, have there been IBS flare ups due to stress or anxiety? Coping mechanisms and strategies are addressed also. Jason looks with clients at whether IBS symptoms cause them to reduce activities, out of fear of diarrhoea or the need to go to the toilet.

A new approach to lockdown related IBS

Jason found that lockdown meant a new approach was needed for many IBS clients. This was especially due to the extra stresses combined with not being able to come for face to face sessions. Jason has found that his new programme continues to help people in London feel calmer and control around their IBS symptoms.

This approach includes a feature that clients are given take home recordings. Jason explained that these recordings are often tailor-made for the individual and must be listened to every day.

“It's really about changing the relationship between the gut and the brain slowly, but surely that relationship is calmed,” Jason added.

Jason continued that, “Often a client will come, who has had some negative experience involving their stomach. There's been a parasite or illness, which has left the stomach and digestive system tenderer. The brain is then more reactive to even very small changes in the gut. Even the smallest of changes causes a reaction in the mind, an overreaction in the mind. That creates pain and discomfort, bloating, wind, and other symptoms.”

Gut directed hypnotherapy works to reduce the over reactive relationship between digestion and the mind.

Jason commented that during this time of the easing of lockdown with the uncertainty and instability around work, schooling or money, he's seeing Irritable bowel syndrome symptoms are on the increase.

Jason's effective and pioneering sessions of Gut directed hypnotherapy are available in Northwest London. Jason also takes referrals from consultant gastroenterologists and local doctors. If you'd like to find out more about Jason's IBS pain programme, get in touch with him today. Don’t let lockdown stress or increased IBS symptoms get you down. Help is available. ( )


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