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Longboardbrand.com is a new website dedicated to helping longboarding amateurs and professionals alike find the best longboards.

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Longboardbrand.com is a website dedicated to longboarding enthusiasts founded by Sammy Jackson. For many years, Mr. Jackson has studied longboarding and gained a lot of experience in this field. Over time he took part and achieved good rankings in many longboarding competitions such as the Gravity Feast, the Devil's peak downhill, as well as Transylvania downhill. To share all his experiences and useful knowledge with the rest of the world, he created Longboardbrand.com.

Choosing a suitable board can be quite difficult for many fans of longboarding, especially when there are so many brands from where to choose from. Longboardbrand.com offers a trusted guide that can help anyone get their first longboard.

At Longboardbrand.com, Mr. Jackson is not alone. With the help of different experts, Mr. Jackson is gathering the best information in the longboarding world. On his website, visitors can seek many informative facts, tips, and tricks about longboarding. There are numerous articles written by Mr. Jackson that have his advice and reviews about the best longboards in the market. Fans of longboarding can also find out what surfing style is the best for them and how to do the hardest tricks.

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Longboarding is one of the best ways to spend free time and get around with friends. Riding a longboard is fun and exciting. Longboards are very easy to carry by anyone at any time. Longboards are suitable for people of all ages. No one is too old or too young to try riding a longboard. Also, longboards can save money, time, and the environment. Longboard users can use it simply on pathway or sidewalk during severe traffic, thus saving time and money. Furthermore, longboards don’t pollute and can be used as a means of transportation.

At Longboardbrand.com, visitors can find out how to choose the best longboard for them. Longboard enthusiasts can choose a longboard based on several factors such as riding style, the shape of the board, length and width. Longboarding first-timers are advised to begin with the cruising style. Most longboards on the market come in shapes like pintail, dropdown, cruiser, drop-through, and bamboo. Longboarding beginners are advised to not choose a board that has a too narrow deck. For more stability, longer boards are recommended.

Beginners of longboarding can find out how to ride for the first time at Longboardbrand.com. How to keep their balance on the board is the first thing they will find out. Secondly, they will learn about the different stances and types of skaters. The third step is to learn how to get on and off, then gain some speeds. Finally, beginner fans will learn how to make turns.

New and old longboarding fans can find the best longboards of 2020 reviews at Longboardbrand.com. The best 11 longboards in the world in 2020 are reviewed by Sammy Jackson and other longboarding experts. Fans that are planning to buy a longboard can discover the pros and the cons of the best 11 longboards right on the homepage of Longboardbrand.com.

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