Luxury Aircraft Solutions Offering Private Jet Charter As Alternative for Wary Travelers

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Private jet charter company is providing solutions for travelers with coronavirus concerns.

Chartering a private flight is one of the easiest ways to avoid transmission of potentially dangerous viruses.

We strongly encourage travelers to consider the benefits of chartering a private flight rather than canceling their plans altogether.

Luxury Aircraft Solutions, Inc. has announced that they are now chartering private flights for anyone looking for alternative travel options in the wake of the coronavirus. 
Although the private aircraft broker charters private flights for clients year-round for an array of purposes, they are stressing the importance of exploring other options to avoid potential exposure, and as a way to avoid canceling travel plans altogether. 
“We have received a large influx of requests from companies and individuals who still need to travel or still want to go on their family vacations, but they are worried about flying on commercial airliners due to the spread of the coronavirus,” said Daniel Hirschhorn, Managing Director of Luxury Aircraft Solutions. “There is a lot we still don’t know about this virus and many travelers aren’t taking any chances.”

The coronavirus, also known as SARS-CoV-2 and abbreviated as COVID-19, was initially detected in Wuhan, China. To date, individuals in 47 locations throughout the world have been diagnosed with the coronavirus, including cases in the United States. More than 82,000 individuals in total have been infected with the virus, and it has killed approximately 2,800 people.

After a cruise ship carrying hundreds of passengers who contracted the coronavirus was recently quarantined, there has been heavy debate on elective travel and whether vacations should be avoided completely until the situation resolves. The U.S. government has issued travel alerts for a number of countries, including China, South Korea, Japan, Iran, Italy, and Hong Kong. Because imported cases of the coronavirus have also been detected in the United States, many people are also questioning the safety of domestic travel on commercial airplanes. 
”There are many people who are reconsidering their upcoming travel plans because they are worried about possibly contracting this virus, even though they don’t want to cancel,” Hirschhorn added. “Although many people have canceled or postponed their trips, we strongly encourage travelers to consider the benefits of chartering a private flight rather than canceling their plans altogether. Many of our clients are surprised to learn that chartering a private flight is much more feasible than they thought, especially if they are flexible with their travel plans. This is particularly the case if they booked first class tickets; in some situations, the price point is not much more.”
With the CDC warning the nation of the eventual spread of the coronavirus throughout the United States, many state and city officials aren’t taking any chances and have started to execute plans to help citizens prepare for a potential pandemic. San Francisco, for example, recently declared a state of emergency for the next several days. 
The coronavirus can be transmitted in several ways, with one of the main ways being person-to-person. This can happen from respiratory droplets, and even being within six feet of an infected individual. It is also believed that the coronavirus can be spread through contact with infected surfaces or objects. However, because this strain of the coronavirus is an emerging disease, there are still a lot of questions surrounding its severity and transmissibility. 

Although many travelers are taking precautions by avoiding travel to countries with a high number of reported coronavirus cases, the fact of the matter is, it can be challenging to completely be limited from exposure at large, commercial airports. Because these larger airports are international hubs, travelers cannot know for certain if they are being exposed to travelers from countries with a significant amount of coronavirus cases. Private flight charter enables travelers to be much more selective with the airports they fly in and out of, including airports that restrict commercial airline flights altogether. 
Airports aren’t the only concern that travelers have, but also the airplanes they are flying on. Again, it is impossible to know with absolute certainty where other passengers have traveled to recently. Travelers often catch illnesses easily when they travel on airplanes due to reduced oxygen, pressurized cabins, and hundreds of people within close proximity of each other for several hours. Flying on a private plane allows travelers to avoid this entirely, which provides peace of mind for those who have concerns over the coronavirus and other airborne illnesses.

Luxury Aircraft Solutions is a private jet charter company that provides a wide range of aircraft options for worldwide travel. They have been serving clients since 2011 and are currently based in Long Island, New York. The types of aircraft available to clients range from helicopters and turboprop planes, private jets, all the way to jumbo jets. They cater to a wide range of clientele, including celebrities and well-known public figures.

To learn more about Luxury Aircraft Solutions, please contact Daniel Hirschhorn at 1(631) 676-7488 or send an email to Visit Luxury Aircraft Solutions on the web at

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