Magical I Am™ Inc. Files Patent Application To Teach The Dyslexic To Read Successfully

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Company is developing a game-based mobile app to help children with their reading challenges

Magical I Am™ Inc., developers of a game-based app to help dyslexic children with their learning to read challenges, today announced it has filed applications to secure United States and international patent rights for its innovative technology.

The patent application describes two of Magical I Am Inc.’s proprietary technologies, “Bindu M.E. Tech™” and “Adaptive Content Casting™”, that will be in its initial app release. The Bindu M.E. Tech enables the user to focus their “Mind’s Eye” (their inner viewing) on their “Bindu Point” (a point of perceptual focus) in order to stabilize consistent perception of two-dimensional words and symbols in their correct orientation and order – so, for example, the word “was” does not become the word “saw,” or the letter “p” does not become a “b” , “d”, or “q”. Adaptive Content Casting adjusts the pace and difficulty of the game to match the learning needs of the player. Both technologies provide first-of-its-kind tools for the dyslexic learner, teacher and parent.

Magical I Am utilizes an “edutainment” concept in conjunction with the Bindu M.E. Tech to master learning to read the abstract words and symbols which often cause reading disability symptoms. “As the player’s mastery of abstract words and symbols progresses, the occurrence of reading disability symptoms starts to fade,“ said Magical I Am CEO, Bill Allen, who was diagnosed with dyslexia in 1963 and spent seven years in the mid-1990s as a facilitator for the Davis Dyslexia Correction program in Burlingame, CA.

“Using augmented reality technology, Bindu M.E. Tech puts the player in the shoes of their avatar in a way that has never before been done in any game,” said Allen. “As they make their way through the game, children are able to master words and meanings, progressing as they conquer each level of the game. Meanwhile, the Adaptive Content Casting technology monitors their efforts and adjusts the game according to each individual player’s capabilities and provides progress analytics that will be available to parents or teachers.”

Allen, a Georgia State University graduate, was a successful real estate agent in the Atlanta area. Prior to founding Magical I Am, Allen created and developed “The Learning to Read Program” with Marcia Hart, who now serves as educational content director of the company.

“As someone for whom dyslexia has gone from a reading and writing negative to a treasured gift, I know the devastating effects it can have, especially on children”, said Allen. “I am keenly aware that traditional programs are very expensive and often out of reach for most families. In the United States, less than one percent of the dyslexic population can afford the dyslexia correction methodologies available today. Magical I Am will be absolutely affordable for 99 percent of the families who can’t afford the expensive dyslexia programs being offered today.”

The game-based app was developed by the team led by the company’s Principal Game Director Sunil Thankamushy, a longtime game industry veteran and UCLA film school graduate who has also worked for Dreamworks Interactive and Electronic Arts. As he puts the final touches on the app before its launch in the fall, Thankamushy said, “Demonstration sessions last year validated the core concepts of the game – a point verified by the parents of participants”.    

“My daughter enjoyed the game; it was a positive experience for her,” said Sarah McAfee. “I think she was really engaged and into it.” Joe Pellizzari’s daughter had a similar experience, “She stayed engaged throughout the game; I think she found it interesting and it held her attention.”

"The content of the program was very good,” said Rachel Galotti. “My daughter liked the fact that it was a digital platform, which kids today respond to. She liked the rewards aspect and said it helped keep her interested in going from level to level. She had a lot of fun with the game.”

Alpha testing of Magical I Am is set to begin later this summer after more than 1,000 parents, reading-challenged children and special educations professionals from all 50 states registered to participate through a company-sponsored social media campaign.

In addition to Allen, Hart and Thankamushy, other key leaders of the company are veteran Atlanta entrepreneur, Eric Scharff, who serves as the chief operating officer. Prominent Atlanta marketing industry professional, Scott Marticke, serves as the chief marketing officer. Respected mortgage executive from a multigenerational family of professional educators, Tyler Johnson, serves as senior vice president, business development.

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Magical I Am Inc., based in Marietta, Ga., is an educational software development company focusing on programs and tools to help dyslexic children with the reading challenges associated with their dyslexia. The company is developing Magical I Am™, a mobile app game that provides the fun of adventure while negotiating learning challenges that teach children to read abstract words and symbols.

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