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Mail2Hut offers not only the convenience and security of a virtual mailbox but simplifies the entire process and doubles down on your security by accepting payment from over 50 cryptocurrencies.

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Mail2Hut is excited to announce the opening of a new innovative cryptocurrency based Virtual Mailbox service

Mail2Hut provides a safeguard to home protection and credit card and banking exposure by leveraging cryptocurrency and virtual mailbox products that protect your privacy and finances. Mail2Hut provides a physical delivery address where any and all of your snail mail and delivery-based items can be sent. From our offices, Mail2Hut offers the service of shredding, scanning mail for you to decide what to do with it and/or forwarding physical mail to you. Because it was sent to your Mail2Hut address, you never expose your physical address to the world again. Perfect for people who travel or move a lot or for anyone that wants to keep their online presence separate from their private physical location.

The world we live in gets scarier every day. Merely filling in your address in an online form presents exposure to dangers of theft, fraud and even physical harm that did not exist 20 years ago. If you’ve ever Googled yourself you know the amount of information available about you is staggering, including your address and even pictures of your house or apartment where you live. The risks of exposing your home address mount daily from different directions: cybercrimes, package delivery thefts and even home invasions. Beyond the physical dangers, the financial dangers of credit card and bank hacking scams have risen exponentially even in just the last few years. These exposures are so new that adequate defenses don’t exist and exploitation methods are growing faster than the means to stop them. What’s the solution? Mail2Hut.

Mail2Hut offers not only the convenience and security of a virtual mailbox that does not expose your home address but doubles down on your security by accepting payment from over 50 cryptocurrencies which do not expose your banking and credit card identities.

Our society of convenience is booming worldwide. Physical retail slumps and companies like Amazon that deliver almost anything you can think of directly to the customer are catering to every whim and shipping is increasing at warp speed. For those involved in the delivery process, whether they work straight from the shipping manufacturer or at the postal service as a delivery person, new technologies are aiming to optimize for greater efficiency and accuracy but that can put you at risk. Unforeseen consequences of a delivery economy are presenting themselves as is evidenced by the spate of package thefts directly from your doorstep. Mail2Hut offers the security of delivery to a staffed location where your packages are secured and managed for you then delivered at your convenience, when and where you want. You don’t have to sacrifice your convenience for the sake of safety because you never have to give your physical address out again.

Mail2Hut also protects your online financial presence when you choose the cryptocurrency payment option. When a credit card is used as payment option your account information touches at least four different locations for you to make one purchase and each location presents an opportunity for exposure and theft. Large-scale breaches of customer data are reported in the media daily and you never know if your data is involved. If you do get a notification it’s often months after the event when the damage is already done. When you make a purchase at Mail2Hut with cryptocurrency, transactions are done instantly and move from the you to Mail2Hut with nothing in-between. No personal or account information is transferred, just the currency from you to us – all recorded on a blockchain that cannot be changed or hacked making it far more secure than credit card numbers. Plus, by using a cryptocurrency payment method, you eliminate credit card fees, charge backs and get true world-wide access to goods and services.

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