Massage Gun Experts Launches Knowledge Base Answering Questions For Athletes About Percussive Therapy

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How a massage gun can increase your athletic performance.

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Percussive therapy utilizes a massaging device that helps aid the muscles to reduce the delayed onset of muscle soreness after a workout.

The calisthenic experts at Massage Gun Experts have debuted their new knowledge base to help answer questions about the burgeoning space of percussive therapy. This database includes several informative, researched, and cited articles to detail how this new form of therapy works and what benefits it can offer to you. It is currently available through the Massage Gun Experts website and is free for all to use.

Percussive therapy utilizes a massaging device that helps aid the muscles to reduce the delayed onset of muscle soreness after a workout. This works similarly to a traditional massage, by flushing extracellular fluids and working to reduce inflammation in the muscles. This process helps to relax tight muscles, break up scar tissue and adhesions, and minimize muscle soreness and tension, all in one simple ritual you can perform on yourself. It is even recommended that users self-apply this therapy, enabling them to keep the closest eye on how tenderized their muscles are, to avoid overdoing it. This makes it a helpful tool to athletes both amateur and pro, as it doesn’t require the help of a licensed technician or even an average friend.

However, it is important to note that these products can be overused, and it is important to be careful as to avoid skin tenderness, bruising, and muscle soreness. Experts recommend keeping the gun in constant motion, but without the need to make drastic motions across the whole body. Simple, small gestures are enough to stimulate a variety of muscles and maximize the coverage of your massage. As Massage Gun Experts notes, anyone considering using this therapy should seek the guidance of a doctor or medical professional before self-treating. Additionally it should be noted that this is intended solely for muscles, not nerves, bones, joints, etc., and is never supposed to elicit pain in the user. Most importantly, all users should avoid using a massage gun around their neck, as it is a very sensitive area with deep connections to the nervous system.

The new knowledge base from Massage Gun Experts also contains information related to the massage guns themselves, and helps arm consumers with important information when making a selection about which one to purchase for percussive therapy. They note that prospective shoppers should note the wattage of the motor to ensure it has enough power for their needs, but also need to consider the sound it might make if that is distressing to the user. In addition these tools can come with a number of customization options, so when selecting your own massage gun it’s imperative to ensure it has the options that you require.

With this new knowledge base, the people at Massage Gun Experts have produced trustworthy information about percussive therapy to help inform the general public about their benefits and risks. This knowledge is available online for free at

Massage Gun Experts is the leading group in percussive therapy, an innovative new method of relieving muscle inflammation and tension. With detailed articles on products, procedures, and practices, their library of information is an essential tool for anyone looking to be physically active and train their bodies. More information is available at

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