Supports Rising Demand for Meditation Centers and Meditation Classes

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New and innovative Meditation Directory offers affordable online exposure for local meditation centers, classes, retreats, and service providers in order to support America's upsurge of interest in meditation.

“Wonderful site you have created. Amazing someone hasn't done it sooner! Thank you for helping to get more people meditating. The effect of this will be world changing!” -Jennie Lee, Founder of is America’s first meditation directory and largest of its kind aimed at supporting the rapidly growing demand for meditation resources in the U.S. By making it easier for practitioners to find local meditation centers, services, and supplies, it represents a milestone in the integration of meditation practice into Western mainstream.

Millions are Searching for Meditation Resources Every Day

Every day, literally millions of Americans are online, searching for resources about meditation. From beginners interested in taking a meditation class or seasoned practitioners looking for an extended meditation retreat, they are online searching but not always finding the information they need. If you teach meditation classes, run a meditation center, lead retreats, organize groups in your community or sell meditation supplies, you may be missing potential customers.

The current demand for meditation services and products means suppliers need more affordable online exposure to support this upsurge of interest. The reasons for this measurable upsurge are many.

Meditation in the West

In the early 1960’s, a form of meditation was brought into the west by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and gained popularity quickly as a result of his famous acolytes, The Beatles. Although consistently practiced by those interested in spirituality and self-discovery since then, interest in meditation has continued to rise in the masses.

Meditation Is the Next Big Health Trend of the 21st Century

With growing associations to mental and physical well-being and accelerated by America’s fascination with eastern practices such as Yoga and Martial Arts, various forms of meditation are being integrated into daily living by more and more people. Meditation is quickly becoming a mainstream practice.

Today, Yoga and Martial Arts studios proliferate, each having their own forms of meditative practices being taught to students. For instance, in Yoga, the practice known as Dharana is the development of single pointed focus meant to lead students into the state of meditation. Within the Martial Arts, meditation methods that focus on breathing are used to clear the mind in preparation for combat.

Meditation in Medical Research

Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) is a new area of medicine often referred to as mind-body medicine. Based on scientific research about how the mind is connected to and affects the body, patients are now being instructed in forms of meditation which employ visualization techniques that encourage positive outcomes when dealing with serious illness. Guided visualization meditation sessions are now an accepted complementary therapy and classes are currently available in many cancer treatment centers across the US.

Another form called Mindfulness Meditation is being studied for its many health benefits, from lessening how people perceive pain to lowering anxiety and stress. Recognizing that the average mind is overcrowded with thoughts about the future, the past and the many demands of daily living, causing many people undue stress, Mindfulness Meditation teaches present moment awareness to remain calm and centered in the midst of the busy world.

Meditation and World Peace

The increase in meditation has also been fueled in part by the Dalai Lama’s activities promoting peace in the West since his exile from Tibet.

New Meditation Directory Makes It Easy to Find Local Meditation Centers, Services, and Suppliers helps bring meditation to the mainstream by offering affordable online directory rates for business listings, banner ads, events, and classifieds for meditation related services and products. Their goal is to make it easy for people to find local meditation centers, meditation classes, meditation retreat centers, meditation groups, meditation workshops and programs, and meditation research, training, and therapy centers by location or category.

To celebrate their new launch, is offering a 50% discount off all new listings, claimed listings, banner ads, events, and classifieds for 2013.

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