MedTech for Solutions Opens Second OvaTools Andrology & Embryology Training Institute at NextGen LifeLabs in Warminster, Pennsylvania

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Comprehensive Andrology and Embryology Training Sessions and Workshops will be available in the Northeast

MedTech has partnered with NextGen LifeLabs to offer comprehensive andrology and embryology training sessions and new 2-day workshops in Warminster, Pennsylvania. Additional andrology and embryology training sessions will still be available at the OvaTools Andrology & Embryology Training Institute in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

This new training location is in response to the ongoing need and demand for training and upgrading the skill levels of IVF clinics’ andrology and embryology laboratory staff. OvaTools has been an industry leading provider of andrology and embryology training since its inception.

The OvaTools Training Institute was founded to fill a training gap for biologists wanting to enter the fertility field or current andrologists and embryologists needing to improve their technical skills. Traditionally, andrology and embryology laboratory staff have acquired skills over time through on-the-job training which is both expensive and inefficient. OvaTools makes this learning process more efficient through trainings designed to enhance critical laboratory skills in a highly focused and supervised learning environment.

The five training modules taught by OvaTools include:

  • Andrology Training
  • Basic Embryology
  • Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ISCI)
  • Trophectoderm Biopsy
  • Vitrification

These modules are 4-days in length and are pending approval by the American Board of Bioanalysis (ABB) for PEER hours of continuing education credits.

OvaTools Institute trainings are led by expert directors and taught by staff with extensive knowledge and practical ART experience. Participants leave each OvaTools training with comprehensive knowledge of the procedures and equipment commonly used in IVF clinics and laboratories—all without spending weeks in the classroom.

The 2020 OvaTools Institute training schedule by location is as follows:

Warminster, Pennsylvania at NextGen:

  • January 23–24: 2-day Biopsy & Vitrification Workshops
  • April 16–17: 2-day ICSI and QC and Safety Workshops
  • June 11–14: 4-day ICSI, Biopsy, Andrology or Vitrification Training Modules
  • July 23–26: 4-day ICSI, Biopsy, Andrology or Vitrification Training Modules
  • August 13–14: 2-day ICSI/QC Safety Workshops
  • Sept 17–20: 4-day ICSI, Biopsy, Andrology or Vitrification Training Modules

Fort Lauderdale, Florida at OvaTools Institute:

  • January 9–12: 4-day ICSI, Biopsy, Andrology, Basic Embryology or Vitrification Training Modules
  • February 6–9: 4-day ICSI, Biopsy, Andrology, Basic Embryology or Vitrification Training Modules
  • March 20–21: Biopsy, Vitrification or Witnessing System Workshops in conjunction with 3rd OvaTools Symposium " Navigating the Future of ART: Personalization and Innovation”
  • May 21–24: 4-day ICSI, Biopsy, Andrology, Basic Embryology or Vitrification Training Modules
  • November 5–8: 4-day ICSI, Biopsy, Andrology, Basic Embryology or Vitrification Training Modules
  • December 3–6: 4-day ICSI, Biopsy, Andrology, Basic Embryology or Vitrification Training Modules

About NextGen LifeLabs

Established in 2012, NextGen LifeLabs is your premier supplier of complete solutions for the
modern IVF (A.R.T.) laboratory. Our team is dedicated to providing your IVF program with the most cutting-edge laboratory equipment, consumables, and industry leading service and support. In addition, we offer an extensive catalog of services including skilled installation of a wide range of equipment, laboratory design, planning, and implementation, as well as laboratory expansion and relocation consultation.

With nearly 50 years combined experience, we offer comprehensive, customizable options for
all aspects of your IVF lab. We can provide everything from basic installations through complete lab design, outfitting and validation. Our wide-ranging equipment lineup includes everything needed for today’s state of the art IVF laboratory, including incubators, microscope systems, biosafety hoods and workstations, high definition video, data archiving and electronic witnessing solutions, micromanipulation, anti-vibration and laser systems, as well as advanced remote alarm monitoring and QC datalogging.

About MedTech for Solutions

MedTech For Solutions offers a full range of services to specialty medical practices, with emphasis on ART/IVF practices and laboratories. The MT Laboratory Solutions Division is dedicated to working with practices in the design and building of new IVF laboratories, as well as improving clinical outcomes of existing facilities by establishing and implementing state-of-the-art embryology and andrology practices and optimizing ART/IVF laboratory operations. MedTech's Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) provides practices with significant savings for all medical, pharmacy, laboratory, capital equipment and office purchasing needs. Additionally, MedTech offers practice development, recruitment and risk management services. For more information, visit

If you would like more information about OvaTools training modules or other services from MedTech for Solutions, please contact us.

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