MilfordMD Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Richard E. Buckley Comments on Aesthetic Society’s 2020 Plastic Surgery Prediction for the Return of the Facelift

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If Caitlyn Jenner, who recently got her fifth facelift in January 2020, is any indication in trends for this year, then Aesthetic Society’s prediction for the return of the facelift is correct. Dr. Richard E. Buckley, Medical Director and cosmetic surgeon at MilfordMD Cosmetic Dermatology Surgery & Laser Center comments on this prediction and how a lift-and-fill facelift will help patients get the results they desire.

Dr. Richard E. Buckley’s comments to Aesthetic Society’s 2020 facelift prediction

Dr. Richard E. Buckley explains how patients are realizing that non-invasive treatments can’t mimic the dramatic results achieved by a surgical procedure following Aesthetic Society's 2020 prediction

Non-invasive treatments like Ultherapy and Thermage have their place but nothing truly compares to the dramatic results of a surgical facelift especially when it’s combined with facial fillers. A MilfordMD lift-and-fill offers outstanding outcomes because it addresses both loose skin and volume loss

“While there is an ever-increasing availability of non-surgical cosmetic treatment options, there’s nothing that tightens sagging facial skin as much as the facelift,” says Dr. Richard E. Buckley, Medical Director and cosmetic surgeon at MilfordMD Cosmetic Dermatology Surgery & Laser Center, in Milford, Penn. In the past, a surgical facelift was the go-to procedure for sagging or over-stretched skin. As non-invasive cosmetic treatments have advanced to offer more options for lifting and tightening, many people have opted for these to proactively slow the appearance of or reverse the effects of aging. But in 2020, the Aesthetic Society predicts the return of the facelift as more individuals are realizing that non-invasive treatments are not a replacement for surgical treatments for an aging face.

“When it comes to cosmetic procedures very often patients are confused, and understandably so, about what to do and when to do it. Nobody really wants surgery, so their first question is always what can be done using non-invasive procedures. But it all comes down to deciding on the best possible solution to deliver the desired results,” says Dr. Buckley. Most patients, especially those over thirty, need to address both facial volume loss and decreased elasticity. Facial fillers from hyaluronic acid, like Restylane, to calcium hydroxylapatite, like Radiesse, to one’s own fat can be used to volumize areas of the face that have deflated due to collagen and fat loss. Using non-invasive devices, such as Ultherapy, which uses highly focused ultrasound energy, or Thermage and NuEra Tight, which utilize radio-frequency energy, can produce mild to moderate lifting and tightening, according to Dr. Buckley.

Any treatment that is non-invasive, in terms of lifting or tightening, is going to be less dramatic in its ability to deliver an amazing final result, as compared to a surgical procedure. For example, with a surgical browlift, Dr. Buckley can lift and tighten the forehead to the appropriate level specific to that patient. Non-invasive options, such as Ultherapy, deliver good modest results over many months and are suited for individuals who seek subtle improvement, according to Dr. Buckley.

“Very frequently patients will put their fingers down by their jawline and lift up and back to showcase what they would like to achieve. What they are demonstrating is their skin laxity and how much sagging they have. This is a good indication that surgical skin tightening could be the best option. Of course, their next step is wanting to know how to do it non-invasively and, while some laxity can be addressed, most likely a fair amount of skin sagging is going to remain after those non-surgical procedures. With a lift-and-fill surgical facelift we address both volume and elasticity loss with precise control over the result,” says Dr. Buckley.

In a surgical facelift at MilfordMD’s nationally-accredited AAAHC surgical suite, a flap of skin on each side of the face is lifted and a thin muscle-like sheet of tissue (SMAS) in the subcutaneous fat is lifted and tightened. The excess skin is then precisely removed, and the skin edges are attached with a cosmetic closure. This repositioning creates a more youthful contour of the face. “A surgical facelift requires skill, artistry and personalization to achieve amazing results. It allows for precise lifting and tightening that can’t be achieved with non-invasive treatments,” says Dr. Buckley.

Reversing facial aging goes beyond lifting and tightening. “Just because one has had a facelift does not mean that volume replacement can be ignored. Anyone who has a facelift can benefit from volume replacement. You don’t want to just tighten skin over bones that have lost a bunch of their overlying softening tissue like fat and collagen,” says Dr. Buckley. Facial volume loss can be corrected with the introduction of fillers including hyaluronic acid (e.g. Restylane), calcium hydroxylapatite (e.g. Radiesse), and one’s own fat through a fat transfer.

“Non-invasive cosmetic treatments absolutely have their place for helping people maintain a youthful appearance through modest enhancements. For dramatic results that address multiple effects of aging, nothing beats a surgical facelift combined with non-invasive treatments, such as fillers and an effective skin care program. This combination is the most effective, natural and longest-lasting to treat facial aging and patients are starting to notice this,” says Dr. Buckley.

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