Nate Heaps, Real Estate Investor, Buys Properties In Detroit Michigan

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Nate Heaps, a real estate investor from Utah and CEO of CashFlow To Retire, just announced the purchase of 148 properties in Detroit Michigan. Nate sees a ton of potential in Detroit despite what many may think.

CashFlow To Retire
That's what makes this business so exciting right now. Where else can one get a solid 20% return on an investment per year and have an appreciating asset that is a hedge against inflation

A real estate investor from Utah, Nate Heaps, recently added another 148 properties to his portfolio of real estate investments. The Utah native has been buying and selling houses all over the country for the past 8 years. Nate says, "Now is one of the best times to be buying houses because they are so cheap."

According to Nate, there are several markets right now across the country that offer extremely good deals for investors. In these markets, it's not uncommon to find deals on properties that give investors 20% returns annually or more. Nate tends to focus his time in these specific markets because the returns are so good. "That's what makes this business so exciting right now. Where else can one get a solid 20% return on an investment per year and have an appreciating asset that is a hedge against inflation?"

One of the markets that Nate Heaps is spending a lot of his time in right now is Detroit. According to Yahoo Finance, Detroit was among the best housing markets to invest in. The city is full of opportunity for real estate investors, said one real estate expert and shows no sign of slowing down. Nate happens to agree with this and is the reason why he is spending so much of his time buying properties there. "It's a hidden gem right now. It's hard for many people to look past all the negative and see Detroit for what it really is. It's a gold mine. Watch and see what happens in the next 10 years."

Obama has already pumped over 300 million into the city and more is expected. Even Donald Trump sees Detroit as a good investment. Warren Buffett calls Detroit ‚ 'Land of HUGE POTENTIAL,' and just announced he is investing in Detroit and is bringing in over 20 Million to help with local Businesses to bring in more job growth.

"I wouldn't touch Detroit 5 years ago, but I absolutely love it now because the timing is right with all the revitalization going on with money being pumped back into the city," he said. "A lot of times, you have to reach bottom before you can come back, and Detroit has definitely already seen the bottom and its on its way back up right now!"

Nate's bread and butter is rehabbing and renting. "I'll take an ugly house and turn it into a beautiful rental property that cash flows $600 to $800 a month." Nate is typically into a house fully rehabbed and rented for less than $40,000. Nate is also very particular on where he buys his properties. "Oh yeah, there are certain places I stay out of completely, no matter how good the deal is. I try to stay in good neighborhoods where all the houses are occupied and families are not afraid to live there."

For those looking for investment property or additional ways to make 15% - 20% returns, Nate has a special website called Here one can find Nate's inventory of properties that he has located throughout the U.S. and also learn more about what they do. One can also get access to a special report that details exactly what Nate is doing and how he is able to find these kinds of properties and offer them to investors worldwide.

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