NCV Custom Wine Rooms Brings Modern Refrigeration to Custom Wine Rooms in Texas Via the CUBE™ Technology

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The CUBEs patented technology uses circulating water to maintain vital constant temperature in the wine room. Its three components are designed to be inside the home.

The fastest way to ruin a bottle of wine is to store it at the wrong temperature. While this is common sense for all serious wine collectors, figuring out the best system to maintain your desired constant temperatures in your wine rooms, even in the brutal Texas summer months, has been a challenge. That is until Jost Lunstroth, of NCV Custom Wine Rooms in Houston, discovered The CUBE™.

The CUBE™ shifts the paradigm on cooling wine rooms and provides an enhanced level of comfort for serious wine collectors. It uses constantly circulating water to manage the climate in the wine room instead of the stop & start compressors used in traditional refrigeration systems. This circulating system has a serious advantage over the coprocessors, as it allows users to maintain a more consistent, stable temperatures.

The team behind the development of the CUBE™ are engineers from the medical devices industry in Montreal. They started developing the CUBE™ in 2015 and have installations throughout Canada and recently started marketing in the US.

“The CUBE™ intrigued me as soon as I saw the details. Its technology and design are a game changer for serious wine collectors. I am fortunate to be able to offer it to my clients,” says Lunstroth. NCV Custom Wine Rooms was the first company in Texas to offer the CUBE™ technology to clients.

He continued: “Stability of the climate around the wine bottles is one of the most important components of aging wines properly. The CUBE™ dramatically lowers the variations in temperature to as low as 0.01 degree versus the variations of 1 to 4 degrees seen in traditional, compressor-based systems. This small difference is very significant to serious collectors who are laying their valuable wines down for decades.”

Jonathan Vadeboncoeur, President of The Wine Square, said “We have always believed that our growth in Texas can only happen through trusted local distributors. We knew that we have a unique world class product offering in our hands but eventually, the complete customer experience is dependent on what we do locally. After careful selection process, we are very excited to join forces with NCV to expand in the Texas market. We have had already several great wins under such a short time demonstrating the uniqueness of our products, and the local expertise of NCV team.”

Lunstroth is excited explore all that The CUBE™ can offer Texas residents. “There is another benefit to my clients here in Texas. The technology of the CUBE™ makes it ideal to use in high-rise apartments or when turning a room in an existing home into a climate-controlled wine feature,” said Lunstroth. “The requirements of a traditional system can make it expensive and frequently impossible to install in high-rise apartments and remodels. The CUBE does not have the same limitations which means it can be installed in situations where it is not feasible to use a traditional refrigeration system.”

The Wine Square and NCV are not the only people singing The CUBE™’s praises. The Canadian Association of Professional Sommeliers (CAPS),a pan-Canadian association, which brings together individuals within the sommelier profession, restaurant services, and other sectors of the wine industry said this about the CUBE in 2017 – “…CAPS would also like to announce its support for the CUBE™ system: the first cooling technology to meet all the parameters necessary for wine aging. This Quebec technology inspired by medical engineering, works without any noise or compressor, and achieves the highest temperature stability performance in the world.”

In addition to its superior cooling features, The CUBE™ has a number of other appealing advantages over its competitors. It is very quiet; it is easy to repair on-site so less potential down-time; the control unit can be accessed remotely for diagnostics, and the standard five-year warranty can be upgraded to ten years. It is also compact and stylish.

Lunstroth has been building custom wine features throughout Texas since 2005 and won the Sub Zero / Wolf Kitchen Design Award for Wine Storage in 2006 / 2007. He also created the unique wine storage concept, Nos Caves Vin, which has two locations in Houston. (

NCV Custom Wine Rooms LLC is a division of Nos Caves Inc. the owner and operator of Nos Caves Vin.

Established in 2015, The Wine Square is a Canada-based company that develops and manufactures technological solutions for wine maturing. Frustrated of being unable to find a custom wine room that could ensure appropriate wine aging conditions within a glass cellar, one that could be sustainable, reliable and efficient, we decided to invent it.

For more information on Nos Caves Vin or NCV Custom Wine Rooms and how they can meet your wine collection needs, contact Jost Lunstroth, Nos Caves Vin, (713) 524-2554,

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