Neurohacker Innovates Brain Health at Natural Products Expo West 2019

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Neurohacker showcases its line of brain supplement products to optimize cognitive function

Brain health supplements are experiencing an exponential boom in the health and wellness industry. The rapid growth of this sector is expected to reach $11.6 billion by 2024.1 Neurohacker Collective, a provider of premium brain health formulas, is one of the major leaders in this space. The company makes best in class, well-being products and is focused on a unique research methodology based on complex systems science, which understands that different systems in the body don’t act in isolation. Neurohacker's latest newsworthy advancement is their Qualia product line which optimizes human capacity with a focus on cognitive performance. Neurohacker Collective will showcase their products at Natural Product Expo West (March 6th-8th) at Anaheim Convention Center, Booth #H1032.

Qualia Mind, Neurohacker’s flagship product, is a premium nootropic used to help stimulate and support overall mental performance of the brain. It incorporates high-quality ingredients to ensure optimal results and transcend basic cognitive enhancement. Qualia Focus is the newest formulation to join Neurohacker’s cognition line. With a starting price of $34.50, Qualia Focus is attracting customers new to nootropic supplements to experience reduced brain fog, decreased procrastination and stunning mental clarity. The ingredients in Neurohacker’s brain supplements were chosen and combined in ways intended to bring out synergies and maximum nutrient interactions, producing a formulation that is more than just a sum of its parts. A core part of the formulation are ingredients known as nootropics. These are substances that enhance brain performance. Some ingredients support immediate cognitive performance capacities; others support more long-term brain health.

“We are grateful to see Qualia Mind and Qualia Focus make a positive impact on cognitive function and how we perform in our daily lives,” says Co-Founder James Schmachtenberger. “Expo West is an opportunity to celebrate that and to find partners who share our passion for health and cognitive enhancement.”

Neurohacker’s brain supplements, while designed to support increased cognition, also improve the entire body to support peak performance. Quality of life is dependent on the healthy functioning of the brain and nervous system. Meaningful improvements to cognitive function can impact the quality of communication and connection in relationships. It gives us more of the mental energy we might need to turn our good intentions, in areas like diet, exercise, and sleep, into reality. It also supports our ability to adapt to environmental stressors.

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About Neurohacker Collective
Innovators in the emerging field of Complex Systems Science for performance optimization, Neurohacker Collective considers the entire ecosystem of the body when developing its category defining, well-being products. The collective is dedicated to increasing human capacity by helping people tap into their brain power with a series of supplements that supports adaptation to stress and emotional resilience while simultaneously enhancing all primary aspects of brain function including focus, clarity, problem-solving, reasoning, etc.

Neurohacker’s core product line, Qualia, feeds the body with high purity, powerful nutrients, comprehensively formulated, rigorously-tested and scientifically-researched to be fast acting while supporting long-term brain health. People rely on Qualia Mind and Qualia Focus products to expand the capacity of their brain-power and to conquer everyday tasks with clean, lasting energy.

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