New Book Helps People to Overcome Addiction

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Stay-at-home orders can exacerbate addictions; author Robin H. Clare’s book guides people to healing during these difficult times.

FEAST AND FAMINE - Healing Addiction with Grace Author Robin H. Clare

FEAST AND FAMINE - Healing Addiction with Grace

“What a gem! Feast & Famine by Robin Clare is not just another book on addictions..." Dolores Arsenault, author of Trusting the Guru Within

Author Robin H. Clare is an expert on healing the underlying source of addiction, and she knows that isolation is an addict's worst nightmare. In her new book, Feast & Famine: Healing Addiction with Grace, she addresses the more commonly recognized forms of addiction as a symptom of the problem and not the problem itself. As addicts confront being in quarantine, with recent lock-down orders, it is the perfect time to focus on their healing.

Clare's background comes from overcoming her own addiction, which, in her case, was an obsessive food disorder with Bulimia. Through her 40-year journey, Clare found that her addictive behavior was a symptom of suffering. Her actual struggle was with suffering humiliation and the trauma that resulted. Once she was able to identify these root-cause experiences, she was able to address her trauma and integrate it into a healthier lifestyle. Clare now works with clients one-on-one who are addicted to suffering and guides them to healing.

Many books are designed to help addicts focus on stopping the dependence on a vice, whether it is alcohol, drugs, food, social media, or any other harmful habit. In Feast & Famine, Clare helps people to address the deeper problem, to find their humiliation and shame, and determine where the trauma comes from. She wants her readers to remember that substance or vice addiction is not the primary problem, but a symptom of a deeper problem of suffering. A Divine Healing path is outlined in the book to help the reader to move through this process from addiction to recovery.

Clare says, "We have experienced trauma in all parts of our lives, and we must address the trauma." She adds, "We are born in a state of self-love, and then we experience humiliation from relationships in our lives. If we do not address the shame of humiliation, we move into self-loathing. Unresolved self-loathing create chronic suffering. To perpetuate the suffering, we turn to addictive substances or vices. You've got to dig deep and find out why you are suffering if you want to find lasting recovery."

While in quarantine, addicts do not have the same daily distractions to keep them from their addictions, and they may not have access to the same resources, such as meetings or accountability partners. During isolation, addicts will have to reflect upon what will happen if they do not heal their suffering . . . and also what will happen if they do heal.

Presuming they do want to be in recovery, now is the ideal time for addicts to address the roots of their addictive behavior. Whatever it may take to heal, addicts must deal with why they are suffering and where their trauma began. The ebook is available for order on Amazon. To order a signed paperback or hardcover, please visit:

To learn more about Feast & Famine: Healing Addiction with Grace or to book an appointment with Robin H. Clare and dive deeper into your healing, please visit

About Feast & Famine
Millions of deeply spiritual men and women struggle daily with an obsessive pull toward alcohol, drugs, food, social media, shopping, and even sex. While a silent epidemic rages on, this book challenges the notion that the hook stems from the pleasures of the poison you pick. Raw and bravely vulnerable, Feast & Famine chronicles this acclaimed spiritual author's 40-year journey through food addiction and bulimia into graceful recovery.

Robin Clare's courageous admission that her true addiction was to suffering, gradually developed into the powerful blueprint delivered in these pages. Discover how to end your suffering, and embody the grace that is available to you, regardless of past mistakes. Empowered with the Divine Healing Path revealed by Sophia, the Divine Universal Mother, you will find the courage to put down the poison that now keeps you separated from joy, peace, love, and abundance.

“Robin Clare has displayed the courage to take on writing assignments that others would shy away from. Surrender your suffering and allow grace into your life. Brilliant!” James Twyman, New York Times Best-Selling Author, and Award-Winning Filmmaker

“Bravo! I loved, loved, loved Feast & Famine! If we are not living in grace, then we are suffering. No more hiding from this truth or ourselves.” Kristine Burke, Founder, MasterfulU

“Robin Clare reveals the secret to all addictions in this inspiring account of how she overcame her lifelong struggle with eating disorders. A must-read for all who struggle with addictions!”
Randy Peyser, Author of The Power of Miracle Thinking

“Feast & Famine is a reminder that no one of us needs to suffer. And we're all in this recovery . . . together. An inspiring read!” Maureen Ross Gemme, MS Ed., Author of Emerge: 7 Steps to Transformation (No Matter What Life Throws At You!)

About Robin H. Clare
Robin worked for 25 years in corporate America and non-profit administration. Even then, she had a deep passion for spirituality and wellness. In her corporate life, she yearned to live a life where she could be her true authentic self. Robin traveled across the globe to study with spiritual masters and grow into her Divine gifts.

Becoming truly authentic required Robin to share her deepest secret. For most of her adult life, Robin struggled with food addiction and bulimia. She dug deep into her current and past-lives to heal her wounds that were blocking her success and keeping her in active addiction.

Now, in recovery, she is living her Soul Mission as an author, teacher, and life & business coach. She documented her extraordinary spiritual journey in her highly acclaimed books, Messiah Within and the Amazon Best-Selling Spiritual book, The Divine Keys. Her third book, Feast & Famine (Healing Addiction with Grace), is releasing in May 2020.

Robin was named 10Best Life/Business Coach and 10Best Energy Healer in the Natural Nutmeg 2017-2019 Readers Poll. She is an advanced Akashic Record reader, Reiki Master, 13th Octave LaHoChi practitioner, and Divine Emissary for the Ascended Masters.

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