New project by Arc Illumination: External LED Lighting for the Teddy Stadium

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Arc Illumination is a veteran within the lighting industry, meaning that they take lighting trends very seriously. Take something like the Teddy Stadium, for example. It’s contemporary and modern, yet it’s not the sole example of Arc Illumination’s fine work. However, it’s a noteworthy project thanks to how large-scale it is.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but the right kind of lighting can showcase the objects around it in a more appealing manner. When one thinks about sports, they have to wonder: what is the single most important aspect to allow fans to see what is going on? A good camera can certainly help those at home, but proper lighting is a necessity for any patron looking to see a game live in-person.

Unsurprisingly, there is a genuine demand for the best kind of lighting. Arc Illumination was founded in 2012 and have been involved in numerous projects ranging from a shopping district to various streetlamps to even large buildings. Good lighting is more than just a mere trend; it is a way of life. It can allow a business or individual to express themselves to the world around them.

It’s best to express oneself with a professional lighting company for several pragmatic reasons. First, installing light involves electrical wiring, which can be dangerous for amateurs to attempt. Second, there is the issue of time and schedules. Even if a person knows what they are doing, it still requires a significant investment of their time. A company like Arc Illumination can handle the installation in both a safe and time-efficient manner, especially when it involves a project to the magnitude of the Teddy Stadium.

What is The Project?

To best understand why a project like this is necessary, it’s essential to understand what this project is in layman's terms. In essence, this is a project designated to provide proper lighting for stadiums in an aesthetic manner. More specifically, it’s for the Teddy Stadium in Jerusalem, Israel. It’s a beautiful stadium in Mahla, right next to Holyland Park, and Arc Illumination’s project seeks to accent its natural beauty.

A project like this isn’t done for vanity; there are genuine advantages to installing LED pixel hardware in a place like the Teddy Stadium. The most apparent one for most people is its visual appeal. These cool blue colors help provide light for people to see whatever sport is taking place, while not being so bright that it negatively takes away from the experience.

This isn’t a minor project; there are thousands of light bulbs that are capable of changing their colors for the adoration of its attendees. In some ways, it’s almost like watching a GIF in a physical form. It is a prime example of how great modern technology is, as something like this wasn’t possible on a mainstream level several decades ago!

Owners of the Teddy Stadium are capable of manipulating the lighting display to generate a magnificent animation. It’s smooth, somewhat energy-efficient (as in, it’s not as bad for the environment as some other lighting alternatives), and pleasant to the human eye.

The Teddy Stadium

This project is a resounding success in terms of its implementation. The Teddy Stadium looks gorgeous in the day, but Arc Illumination’s lighting takes it up a notch. After all, there isn’t much natural light during nighttime. However, thanks to Arc Illuminations, fans and patrons of the Teddy Stadium can enjoy all of their favorite activities without the fear of missing it thanks to faulty or non-existent light.

It’s easy to see the Teddy Stadium at night, as its bluish lights radiate in a bright, yet not intrusive manner. Its identity is distinctly its own, despite the fact that Arc Illumination utilizes the recent trends in lighting technology. However, it’s implemented in a way that accents the natural architecture. It was beautiful before, but now it’s drop-dead gorgeous.

Benefits of Using This Lighting System

These kinds of LED lights won’t hurt the human eye as much as incandescent light bulbs would. Considering that the Teddy Stadium has a field as large as 105m by 68m, it’s vital to provide lighting in a manner that won’t negatively impact live viewers. Yet that is not all!

Arc Illumination’s lighting can be easily animated like an LED board. It won’t look primitive like a neon sign in front of a convenience store; instead, the animation of a soccer ball rolling through near the top of the stadium looks wonderful. This beautiful manipulation of LED pixel hardware can wow a spectator walking by, possibly even making them wonder what’s going on.

Tourism is a profitable venture for most countries, so having Arc Illumination work on something as instrumental as the Teddy Stadium is an honor. Whether it’s a foreigner or a native citizen visiting the beloved stadium, it is vital to make sure that they are impressed upon a mere glance.

This kind of lighting can genuinely enhance a photo. An event like a UEFA match taking place at the Teddy Stadium is something hundreds of thousands of people might see. It won’t just be pretty photos, but there will be videos and other forms of media live at the stadium. Hence, using the best kind of lighting goes a long way for not just the proprietor of the building, but also for thousands of people that might see what’s going on here.

What is an LED Pixel Hardware?

LED pixel hardware includes all of the electrical components similarly to generic LED lights, except in a more prefabricated manner. It shares some of its benefits, so fans of generic LED can appreciate LED pixel hardware.

On a more technical level, there is pixel mapping software that enables and manipulates the lighting to its owner’s desires. There are various decoders for certain projects, but all of that technical jargon is handled by Arc Illumination for one’s convenience.

On Arc Illumination’s homepage, one can see its various projects and what it looks like in-person. There is a distinctly pleasant aesthetic about these lights thanks to the LED pixels, which is further encapsulated by Arc Illumination’s professional installation.

Arc Illumination - Various Projects

Arc Illumination is a veteran within the lighting industry, meaning that they take lighting trends very seriously. Take something like the Teddy Stadium, for example. It’s contemporary and modern, yet it’s not the sole example of Arc Illumination’s fine work. However, it’s a noteworthy project thanks to how large-scale it is.

Something like the Teddy Stadium is a massive project. However, Arc Illumination doesn’t only specialize in large-scale projects. Arc Illumination accepts both small and huge lighting projects, and they’re no longer restricted to just Israel. There was once a time when this great company stuck to its native country, but it now serves customers all over the world.

Arc Illumination isn’t a one-trick pony in terms of how they handle lighting. As one can see on their homepage, some projects are as minor as blue Christmas lights on a building while other projects can stretch through an entire building. Some lights even look terrific on trees!

Lights come in all shapes and sizes, and that’s reflected perfectly by Arc Illumination’s projects. There are various trends within the lighting industry, and that’s where Arc Illumination’s years of experience shines through. It allows them to innovate with familiar technology, so whoever is hiring them can expect to see a project that encapsulates one’s core identity in a new way.

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