New Scientific Studies Demonstrate the Efficiency of FORBRAIN®, a Revolutionary Headset Available Online, in Improving the Speech and Attention of Its Users

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Two new research studies published in 2018 confirm how FORBRAIN® can improve speech and cognitive functions: the first one, conducted by Dr. Carles Escera, proves the effectiveness of FORBRAIN® in improving the quality of speech of its users, as measured by different components such as clarity, harmony and robustness of the voice. The second one, conducted in the North China University of Science and Technology (in Tangshan) reveals how cognitive functions (attention, concentration, memory and other indicators) can be increased with FORBRAIN®.

Forbrain is an easy-to-use tool for at-home practice

These results are no big surprise. Forbrain is an amazing tool and the impact on my clients’ speech is very noticeable after only a few sessions. They also seem to be able to concentrate better. The studies reinforce and confirm my daily observations.

Launched in 2014, FORBRAIN® is an innovative headset equipped with a microphone, a pair of bone conductors and a patented dynamic filter. The device is designed to improve auditory and sensory processing, and to enhance speech, memory and attention. The moment the user speaks, FORBRAIN® corrects the sound of his voice via a dynamic filter. The filter is programmed to amplify high frequencies, highlighting the so-called “bright sounds” which play a very significant role in language development, and have an energizing function. The sounds are immediately transmitted back to the user by bone conduction, that is, by vibration through the bones situated in front of the ears. There is no echo, but the users hear their voice differently. By improving the perception of the voice, FORBRAIN® works simultaneously on all aspects of the audio-vocal loop, and consequently its users will have a more rhythmic, resonant and harmonious voice without conscious effort. The two technologies (bone conduction and the dynamic filter) also amplify the sound transmission and keep the brain in a state of constant alert (the brain being continually surprised by the filter effect), thus enhancing the user's attention level and ability to memorize.

Thousands of therapists and professionals have joined the affiliation program since its launch, and not only do they use FORBRAIN® in their daily practice, they also actively recommend it to families. Both therapists and individual users all around the world have been experiencing great results, whether during therapy, or at-home training. The studies respectively reveal that when using FORBRAIN®, the groups have a change in their voice robustness and harmony, and that their scores of attention and concentration increase. This scientifically confirms what affiliates and private users have been noticing: FORBRAIN® is an efficient tool to enhance speech and attention. “These results are no big surprise. Forbrain is an amazing tool and the impact on my clients’ speech is very noticeable after only a few sessions. They also seem to be able to concentrate better. The studies reinforce and confirm my daily observations,” says Robin Harwell, Speech Language Pathologist, and FORBRAIN® affiliate for over 3 years.

In addition to demonstrating the device’s impact on a non-clinical population’s speech, Carles Escera PhD concludes that FORBRAIN® can be considered as a low-cost option in treatments with AAF (altered auditory feedback) on a range of speech, language and communication disorders. Other studies have shown more added benefits to using FORBRAIN®, such as improving the cognitive capacities involved in the reading process. The full list of studies conducted on the device can be found here:

Sound for Life offers a 30 days money-back guarantee and free shipping to allow anybody interested to test the device. The product can be bought online by professionals and non-professionals and is designed to be very easy to use: no training or certification are required, simply using the voice to boost the brain.

The full study was published in the international journal of the largest professional American association of speech language professionals, and can be found here:

FORBRAIN® is a product of SOUND FOR LIFE Ltd, a Hong Kong based Company specialized in the development of efficient products to support cognitive abilities and skills, and to help people reach their full potential and enhance their quality of life. FORBRAIN® inherited from the knowledge of years of sound therapy research.

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