New Study on a Dental Conundrum Further Highlights the Importance of Good Habits, says Elegant Dentistry

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Marina del Rey based dental center Elegant Dentistry comments on a recent article noting that the most important thing to know about flossing and brushing is to practice them every day, regardless of the order.

Going to the dentist regularly can give you something to smile about.

Treatments for severe cases of an ailment is almost always more painful, costly, and time-consuming than they would have been had they been caught early.

A December 16 article on Healthline tackles the question of whether it is better to brush or floss first when practicing dental hygiene. The article states that, by flossing first, individuals are dislodging particles stuck between teeth that are soon swept away by brushing action. This also allows fluoride toothpaste to access areas in between teeth that might have been previously inaccessible. Marina del Rey based dental center Elegant Dentistry says that, regardless of which order patients are brushing and flossing in, the important thing is sticking to a positive dental routine, which includes brushing at least twice a day, flossing, using a mouth rinse, as well as regularly visiting their dentist for checkups.

Elegant Dentistry notes that patients who are concerned about proper dental hygiene techniques and products should simply ask their dentist. The dental center adds that it can be dangerous to rely solely on information gathered from the internet as it can be difficult to determine the difference between a fad, blatantly false information, and the facts—in truth, even the facts can be misleading or misinterpreted without a professional that can put said information into context. As such, the dental center adds that while patients probably do not need to feel skeptical about everything they hear, confirming new dental information with a professional dentist is the safest bet to avoid engaging in activities that actually end up causing more harm than good.

Elegant Dentistry says that on the other hand, there are already plenty of tried-and-true dental habits that patients should be undertaking. The dental center says that patients should brush their teeth for around two minutes in the morning and before going to bed, carefully flossing each gap in between teeth, and rinsing with a mouth wash. Above all else, the center continues, patients should not skip their general dentistry checkups. Elegant Dentistry notes that it is quite common for severe dental maladies to fly under the radar until it is too late to stop them from forming. Moreover, the clinic adds that treatments for severe cases of an ailment are almost always more painful, costly, and time-consuming than they would have been had they been caught early. Elegant Dentistry adds that, fortunately, most dental maladies are highly treatable so patients still have excellent options in most cases if they find themselves paying the price for less-than-ideal oral hygiene.

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