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The Microsite of Arnon Dror Releases Blog Giving His Input on the Successful Spotify CEO’s interview with CNBC in regards to Knowing Your Priorities.

The designated Blog has been published on the website of Arnon Dror’s sports and business micro site as of September 13th, 2018. The site has come a long way in the past few months of being created; generating an immense amount of traffic, as well as high Google search engine ranking! Posts such as this, discussing topics like Spotify, are very relate-able to the public because of consumer usage of the product. Arnon Dror finds it interesting that most people will use the Spotify music playing application, but will most likely not be informed or educated on what is going on behind the scenes with the company’s management.

For that very reason, Arnon Dror made it a point to analyze Spotify’s CEO in his opinion on priorities and time well-spent in general. There are sometimes differences in how people of the general public and the small sample-size of businessman of extreme financial success think and/or operate mentally. The CEO, Daniel Ek, let the interviewer know he that rarely does social events or hang out with friends casually. Now, this doesn’t mean that he doesn’t believe his friends are important, it is solely because of his laser focus. His Laser-sharp focus on his priorities is what he believes outweighs the cost-benefit analysis of spending time with friends or social events. A cost-benefit analysis basically just takes the two options of either going out for drinks with your co-workers or staying late at the office on a project. If you choose to go out for drinks, you will be able relieve some stresses from work and get to know your co-workers better. Though, there are costs to that decision by not making the progress you could’ve made of your work project. Inversely, if you choose to stay at the office, there are costs you pay socially by being excluded from that nightlife experience and bonding with your co-workers; but you benefit by making progress or even finishing a project that you wouldn’t have if you went out. Arnon Dror believes it’s all relative.

Those small decisions can add up if chosen correctly, making a huge impact. Other successful business owners such as Bill Gates have that sharp focus on their priorities, which compounds in to them being the success they are today. Arnon Dror takes note of this, but also encourages any readers’ to make time for your personal life as well. Work-life balance is a big part of individuals being happy on a day-to-day basis. Relationships and other types of social connects can help you stay grounded and motivated as well as being mentally, physically, and emotionally healthy.

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